World-Class Bedroom Furniture and the Words to Back it Up

Before we get to bedroom furniture, a quick reminder that our next post will feature a few Super Bowl recipes for your party this Sunday! Do you have a go to dip or BBQ recipe? Maybe a special dessert? Please send your recipe into and we’ll feature a few recipes. Whether you’re cheering on our hometown Chiefs our that other team from the Bay, celebrate the biggest event in sports the right way – with friends, family and food. And why you’re at it, you might as well celebrate in style . . .

When it comes to Super Bowl watch parties, we have the furniture to get your party on track. Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted a few buffets and tables to enhance any watch-party. But for all the talk, planning and prep that goes into a Super Bowl get-together, we know where all roads lead: slumberland. When the Chiefs win, and the city parties into the wee hours of the morning, thousands of Kansas Citians will surely crash hard. For that reason, it’s time to assess the bed on which you will crash. If you read our last post, you got an idea for which options are available at Unruh. But we also wrote about why a quality bed frame is important to your health.

If the bed serves as a centerpiece, we know there’s still room for quality bedroom furniture to serve your space well. Our expert carpenters take extra care to ensure your Unruh furniture selections last a lifetime. Below are two testimonials to that guarantee – followed by some high-quality bedroom options to accompany your safe haven. To accompany your well-deserved bedroom.

The Bedroom Review

“My husband and I just received our custom bedroom furniture from Unruh and couldn’t be more pleased. From the moment we had a consultation with Nathan to pick out our pieces and design it was a great experience. He listened to our concerns made sure we had time to choose colors and even customized sizes that would fit our bedroom needs. Once the furniture was here I was so impressed with the delivery guys. They showed us how to put it all back together and even talked to us about who made our pieces. It felt so personal and special. We will definitely be returning for our furniture needs.” -Sarah Cornett

“Visiting the showroom is an amazing experience. The business is in an old beautiful church and the work is done in the empty sanctuary. “All of the people that we dealt with were wonderful to work with! It’s so nice to be able to pick out the piece, kind of wood, kind of finish and dimensions that you want and have the pieces custom made. In the showroom there are rooms set up with different pieces that they make so you can really get an idea of what the pieces will look like. You can tour the workspace and seethe craftsmen at work. We highly recommend this place. The piece we had made is beautiful. We looked all over town and the internet trying to find a distressed looking buffet and were very happy to eventually have found Unruh!” -Sharon Repper

Augustine Dresser

Your clothes deserve a home of their own. Where do they currently live? If you answer “my closet” to that question, we get it. Closets are convenient if you have the space, but a dresser truly adds to a room where a closet is carved out. If you currently have a dresser to fit your belongings, how long have you had it? Are you pleased with its service to you over the years? Is it a piece you could hand down someday to your kids and their kids? Depending on how you answer those questions – consider the Augustine Dresser today.

augustine dresser full view

Carolina Nightstand

When you roll over in bed, what do you see? “My snoring and significant other” is definitely an acceptable answer. But the right answer is high-quality, handcrafted wood furniture. In this case, we’re talking nightstands – Unruh has a vast selection. But the Carolina Nightstand is as classic as a gets with a unique twist: one drawer on top with a door beneath. Store your drawer with bedside necessities while magazines and books find a home below.

carolina nightstand angle view

Grayson Coffee Table

Plot twist! Coffee tables aren’t just for living rooms. If your bedroom space necessitates a coffee table, don’t be afraid to make the move! Our Grayson Coffee Table is sleek and simple enough to work in any bedroom furniture set, while accentuating the other pieces in your room. Curious what this bedroom furniture will look like in your home? Bust out a tape measure and jot down some numbers. Then hop over to our online customization tool to set the dimensions for your new coffee table today! When the Super Bowl madness is all said and done, you might just need a spot to kick your feet up . . . or crash and fall asleep of course.

grayson coffee table angle view

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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