Planning Ahead: Furniture Store Delays

If you are in the process of remodeling or building a home, you are probably aware of the market-wide delays. The delays started early on in the pandemic, and have carried far into 2021 as well. But, why? Why is it so hard to get new appliances or a couch into your home? Why has Unruh extended their production timeline? Well, there isn’t just one answer!

Modern Bed Frames

No matter where you choose to purchase your furniture, this list will help you develop an eye for modern pieces. Even if you only go with one of the four features, your bedroom will look upgraded and modernly cozy!

Rug or No Rug for the Dining Room?

When decorating a dining room, the rug question is bound to come up. Rug, or no rug? There are various reasons design-wise to accompany your table with a rug, but there are also logistic reasons as well. We are here to clear your rug fog up. Down below are examples of rug situations you might find yourself in. So, strap in for a lot of rug talk.

How Big Should My Dining Room Table Be?

When looking to furnish a new home, most people look for a dining room table first. The dining table of any home sets the tone for the rest of the house. It is where some people (not all of us) sit down at the end of every day to catch up with roommates, family members, spouses, etc. That is a lot of pressure, right? Well, let’s take some pressure off by helping you nail down the dimensions of this important piece.

Guide to All Things Buffets

Have you ever looked in your dining room and thought, something is missing? You, my friend, might need to invest in a buffet.

Metal-Based Dining Room Tables

Designing a metal-based table for your unique dining space is easy with Unruh furniture. We have a variety of rectangular, round, and square-based tables that are held together by our sleek and modern steel bases. After reading this blog post, you will be able to design the metal-based dining room table of your dreams!

Wooden Tables for Transitional Design

Want a customized wooden table to last every trend? Transitional Design might be what you are looking for!

Live Edge Furniture: 5 Questions to Consider when Ordering from a Furniture Store

All you need to know about designing a live edge piece.

Designing a Wood Table for a Gray Dining Room

No matter what gray you have in your dining room, Unruh has a dining table that will make the room feel complete and ready for company!

What is a Pub Table and Should You Have One?

The last time you were at the furniture store, did you see an extremely tall table there? Chances are, you were looking at a pub table! But, what is a pub table, and should you buy one for your home?