Our Guarantee of Quality

We take great pride in everything we make here at Unruh. The quality and craftsmanship of our work is our top priority, and we stand behind everything we sell. If at any time you have an issue with your furniture, whether it’s our fault, your fault, your kid’s fault, or your dog’s fault, we will fix it at no labor or material cost. And that promise will never expire. We believe this is, without question, the best warranty in the furniture industry.

In the Event You Need A Repair

Upon delivery of our furniture, we ask our customers to inspect their pieces to ensure they are just right. If any deformities or problems are found at that point we are happy to take the order back to our shop for free and re-deliver it back out at no additional cost. In the event a repair is needed, and if our customers have already signed off on their furniture, here is a description of what that looks like:


We pick it up, fix it, and re-deliver your piece.

If you are within 45 miles of our shop then we can pickup your piece and deliver it back out to you for $125 each way ($250 total), which is $150 less than our standard delivery rate of $199 each way.


You bring it in, we fix it, and you pick it up.

If you prefer to pass on the delivery fee you are welcome to bring your furniture in to us and we will promptly perform whatever repair is needed at no cost whatsoever.

Are you in need of a repair?
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