Helping Single Moms

We’ve mobilized a community to support single moms. And we’ve made it easy for you to join us.

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Here's how you can join in

Our communities are stronger when we care for one another. We’re showing that care by providing tables to single moms at no cost. And we don’t want it to end there – we’ve created a way you can join in.

Here's how you can join in

Our communities are stronger when we care for one another. We’re showing that care by providing tables to single moms at no cost. And we don’t want it to end there – we’ve created a way you can join in.

The Table
The Shirt
The Donation
Mom Nomination

We provide the table

Once a month we handcraft a table for a single mom. So far we’ve given away dozens of tables, but in doing so we found most of those moms had needs that went beyond a table.

You buy the shirts

So we created some really, really comfortable shirts. And since we make them ourselves they only cost $15, including shipping. We sell them for $35 and put all the remaining proceeds into a Moms Fund.

Moms Get a Table + Support

We then use the contributions from the Moms Fund to help meet those extra needs. We help with things like groceries, utility bills, a new washing machine, etc.

Do you know a mom in need?

If you know a single mom in need of a table, we would love to hear her story! Simply scroll down to the nomination section below.

Nominate a mom

Got Questions?

Not sure about something? Search here.

How do you pick the winning mom each month?

Every month we sift through dozens of Moms Applications. There are so many inspiring, hard working, loving single moms out there! Our office manager, Brittany, narrows the applications to 3, and then our whole company has a meeting to hear about the three finalists and vote on that month’s recipient. It’s something we care a lot about and take very seriously.

How do you decide what extra needs to give to?

Sometimes the initial Moms Application reveals some pretty obvious Extra Needs, and sometimes we ask the mom directly how we can help. We truly believe this program is most effective when we personalize it to each month’s mom, so it can look a little different every month.

Can I see the Mom's Fund in action?

Absolutely! After you purchase a shirt we’ll add your email address to our Moms Fund Emailer, and when we meet extra needs with your money we will shoot you an email to let you know how we spent the money and how the mom responded. Of course, if you’re not a big email fan you are welcome to opt-out.

Can I donate even more to the Mom's Fund?

Sure thing. When you fill out the form to buy a shirt, a pop-down question will appear when you enter your credit card asking if you would like to donate even more to the fund. There’s no need or pressure at all to donate more, but we put the option there in case you want to.

Do you use the Mom's Fund to pay for the table?

Not at all. We’ve been making and giving away tables for single moms since 2015; it’s a big part of our company, it’s something we enjoy paying for ourselves, and we will never receive funds to help with the tables. Any money that comes in through the t-shirt sales or other donations goes directly into the Moms Fund and is used exclusively for meeting those Extra Moms Needs.

What are the qualifications of your tables for moms program?

While we acknowledge defining “single mom” can be a little tricky, we do require that the moms who receive a table from us must be raising at least one child in their home, and must not live with or have the support of a significant other.

A Real Home for Many

Derek and Renee had two biological kids, then decided to adopt 12 more kids from around the world but a tragic accident left Renee without Derek. Her love for her kids and her faith have kept her strong, and we are honored to have given them a table.

A Teacher's Golden Heart

Kim, an elementary school teacher, was nominated by her daughter who has seen her work tirelessly through the years to love everyone around her. Whether it was her own kids, her school kids, or kids she has given a home to in foster care, Kim has consistently been there for others.

Courageousness in Adversity

Tina has fought every day for her son, Tyler, who was diagnosed with high-risk leukemia at 2. After chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and her own battle with cancer, we are honored to have given Tina a table through our Mom Fund.

The Courage of a Mother
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