10% Cash back on every purchase

As a thank you we will send a check for 10% of the purchase total upon completion of the order. While we don’t have the margins to compete with the big box stores, we do want to let you know how much we value your support and business and we feel cash in your hands is a great way to do so.

Lifetime warranty on all orders

No matter what happens, or whose fault it is, we will cover it, at no cost, for life. That’s pretty unheard of amongst our competitors. We believe in standing by our product, and our lifetime warranty is how we do that. This also allows you to rest in knowing even after the completion of a project, your client will be in good hands for years to come.

Personal, detailed attention for all your order processing needs

Our company is comprised of real men and women who put their pride into taking care of every aspect of the business. From hand making the hardwood furniture to walking you through the customization and delivery process. We’re accessible and here to help you and your client.

Handcrafted from Scratch

From beginning to end, every piece is handcrafted from scratch in our Kansas City location, which also happens to be an over a 100-year-old church. From board selection, to sanding, to finish, each piece is built with expertise and quality.

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Final Inspection for Quality

Not one piece leaves our facility without having multiple inspections for quality. Kaleb, our shop manager, carefully inspects each and every piece, ensuring they pass rigorous quality standards.

Personally Delivered

All of our deliveries are done by Unruh employees – not a third-party company. We believe those who know the product and understand our level of expertise provide the best delivery experience. This also allows for deliveries to be scheduled directly through us – those who built your furniture.

FAQs / Details

Not sure about something? Maybe this can help.

Do I have to be a designer to join?

Yes. This program is specifically for interior designers and architects.

Can someone other than myself use my design account to receive the benefits?

We ask that only those who are a part of our design program use the program.

Can I order online or does it have to be in person?

With your membership, you are provided a member-specific coupon code that allows you to place orders online if desired, but don’t ever hesitate to call or visit our showroom if you prefer.

Are there samples available for me to take on-site?

We do not have samples to hand out of our finishes. Our showroom inside the Made In KC Marketplace has a wall of all our finishes on large sample boards to best determine what the end product will look like. The marketplace is open 7 days a week until 9pm for easy access.

Are there further customization options allowed than what is available online?

All of our customization options are within the parameters of what is shown online.

How and when do I receive my monetary benefit?

Once an order has been delivered and signed off on we will process your money-back benefit. You can choose to receive your payment via check or venmo.

"Truly a designer’s dream"

I choose Unruh again and again because of a shared commitment to craftsmanship, values, and client connection. I want my client’s spaces to feel like intensely individualized “havens” that thrill them from deep down. Unruh helps me deliver. They care as much as I do about offering a personalized experience and producing a product that represents each client for who they are and how they choose to live. This company is truly a designer’s dream!

Shelly Gaudreau
Home 2 Haven Design