• Modern Twists on Classic Furniture Styles for 2018

    Although constantly evolving tastes are pushing the envelope for design, classic looks are still the main influence for any trend. Finding the right balance between modern and classic is easier when you have the option of customizing the style according to your own personal needs. Cerused Wood Back in the 1500s, French furniture makers would […] Read Article

  • Room Transformation: From a Plain Old Bedroom to a Rustic Dream

    Any bedroom, no matter how plain and simple, can turn into a rustic dream come true. You just need the determination and a little bit of research to make it happen. The right mindset and sufficient knowledge about rustic bedroom design, however, will not yield results until you physically apply these to the bedroom transformation. […] Read Article

  • Capture Fall Colors and Textures in Your Interior Décor

    As summer fades into the chilly fall season, the burst of color outdoors is simply too appealing not to emulate in your indoor environments. Pumpkin spice, cider mills, crunchy leaves, and fluffy sweaters are just a few of the sensory comforts that homeowners would love to bring into their homes this season. A quick stroll […] Read Article

  • From Rustic to Woodsy: How Wooden Furniture Influences Home Atmosphere

    Interior design is the meticulous art of putting things together to create a bigger, more beautiful picture. It goes beyond choosing what looks nice and what is currently trending, though. It considers what kind of atmosphere you want to give off before even deciding which types of furniture and fabrics to use. Similar to the […] Read Article

  • Handmade, Custom-Made, and Made-to-Order: Why You Deserve All Three

    The terms “handmade,”“custom-made,” and “made-to-order” give additional value to furniture; but is it well-deserved? Learn to be a discerning customer. Read Article

  • Inside Unruh | Ep. 33 | “Chiefs Kingdom”

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  • Buying Furniture Easy as 1, 2, 3.

    We live in a 100-year-old home in Midtown, and I can speak for both my wife and I when I say our home is the most important and personal space in our lives... Read Post

  • Why Unruh Furniture Exisits

    We live in a 100-year-old home in Midtown, and I can speak for both my wife and I when I say our home is the most important and personal space in our lives... Read Post

  • Why A Lifetime Warranty Makes All The Difference

    My parents live in a beautiful home out in the country, so going to Grammy K and Papa Kip’s house is a special event. And you know what always give me a smile? Watch Video

  • A Day In the Life of Pete

    He shows up early every day, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Spends the day taking naps, running around in the grass, and trotting around the shop like he owns the place. Read Post

  • Trampoline Park

    Companies that bounce together, stay together. Read Post

  • Mistakes

    I want to share publicly what I often share privately among friends: At Unruh Furniture we make and have made a tremendous amount of mistakes. Read Post

  • 3600 Walnut Street

    We explored the whole thing for a couple hours and left thinking, "That is a sweet building, but there is no way I could fix it up enough, no way I could get city approval, no way I could truly convert it into a furniture shop." Read Article

  • Everyone’s Favorite Employee

    I have often said, and always on the record, that Cody is my favorite employee. Read Post

  • About Myself

    Really, what's the point of blogging if you're not going to talk about yourself. Read Post

  • Tables for Moms

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  • Toilet Repairman

    Since this is a Thursday I thought it would be fun to tell a throw-back story. I'll start by admitting this is a real photo of me in a 95' Chevy Astro. Read Post