• Handcrafted Dining Room Sets: What Type Of Dining Table Does Your Dallas Home Need?

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  • How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space By Creating Made-To-Order Wood Furniture At The Premier Dallas Furniture Store

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  • A Trade Program Unlike Any Other Dallas Furniture Store

    Are you an Interior Designer or Architect looking for a new furniture source? Are you tired of finding the same old designs and not being able to customize furniture to fit your clients needs? Unruh Furniture might be the perfect custom furniture source for you and your next client project! Read Post

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  • Best Bedroom Furniture Arrangements and Layouts for Different Room Sizes

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  • Custom Sideboards: A Unique Storage Option for Your Dallas Living Room, Dining Room, or Home Office

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  • How to Furnish Your Dallas Living Room For Optimal Space and Comfort

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  • Combining Reclaimed Wood Furniture with Custom Handmade Pieces for a Space That’s Uniquely Yours

    It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about, until I asked my Dad about the new wooden cutting board he had next to the plastic one by the stove. As a furniture maker, my eyes are always drawn to beautiful wood, and this was something else. Read Post

  • Using Natural Wood Furniture to Bring Style and Design to Dallas Homes

    Natural wood furniture means different things to different people. Some consider unfinished wood with knotholes and burls to be natural wood furniture. Read Post

  • What Contemporary Furniture Stores in Dallas Have to Offer

    Unless they’re trying very hard not to be, most furniture pieces made today, and in the last few decades, are contemporary furniture. Most furniture in the next few decades will be contemporary as well, even if there’s a big shift in style. Read Post

  • Real or Fake Wood Furniture: How to Tell the Difference and Pick a Piece That Will Last

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  • Dallas Furniture Stores and Showrooms: What to Pay Attention to When You’re Shopping

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  • Kitchen and Dining Room Tables for Your Single Family Home

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  • Where to Find the Best Custom Solid Wood Furniture in the Dallas Metroplex

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  • Craftsman Furniture: Finding Handmade Furniture to Match Your Dallas Home

    The American Craftsman style is one of the most enduring home styles there is. A simple suburban craftsman cottage is the result of a movement that encompassed architecture, landscaping, arts and crafts, and philosophy beginning in the 19th century and still persisting into the 21st. It began as a rejection of the mass-produced goods of […] Read Post

  • Why People Are Looking for Local Handmade Furniture in Dallas-Fort Worth

    If you’ve been looking for furniture online, then you’ve probably started seeing dining tables, desks, beds, and dressers popping up in ads as you’ve browsed videos on YouTube, or in sidebars on websites. These ads may show furniture in beautifully-staged rooms that may look perfect for your home. But, if you’ve clicked the ad, maybe […] Read Post

  • How Much Dining Table Space Per Person Do You Need?

    There’s an old saw in the building trades—architecture, engineering, anything that involves physical construction—that’s good for cutting your teeth on. It goes like this: when someone asks you to build them a doghouse, what’s the first question you ask? It isn’t “pine or oak?” or “igloo-style, or more of a gable?” It’s “how big is […] Read Post

  • Where to Find Handcrafted Wood Furniture and Home Decor Near Me in DFW

    The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a fantastic place to live because it has so much to offer the people who live here. Rooted in a strong traditional culture and emerging onto the national radar as one of the USA’s largest, most bustling urban areas, DFW offers its residents the best of the modern world as […] Read Post

  • What’s the Difference Between a Credenza, Sideboard, and Buffet?

    “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare may have asked it first long ago, but it’s just as important a question in the world of furniture today. Terminology can vary among people and geographic locations, and even can depend upon where an item is placed in a home. For example, place a small table beside a couch […] Read Post

  • Empty Nest Ideas: What to Do With That Spare Room

    What do we do with all this extra space? This can be a bittersweet question. When the kids go off to college, or find a good job and move out, it’s a complicated moment. On one hand, they’ll be missed. After all you’ve been through together, they’re finally going out on their own, leaving behind […] Read Post

  • Using Customized Furniture Pieces to Make a Seamless Bedroom to Office Conversion

    It may start innocently enough, with just a couple of emails sent from your phone while you’re sitting on your couch. But the next thing you know, your laptop is open and reports are scattered everywhere. Working from home can creep up on you. It can take you by surprise, just like the kids do […] Read Post

  • Custom Woodworking in Dallas: Finding and Evaluating Local Businesses

    Consider if you will, the stubbed toe. Usually, it’s considered a trivial injury, but a stubbed toe can be a significant setback to the enjoyment of life. It certainly doesn’t seem so trivial when a nightly trip to the restroom ends with gasps and one-legged hopping in the hall. Once a delicate digit is wounded, […] Read Post

  • How to Create a Home Library with Custom Furniture Pieces

    For many, having a home library is the realization of a lifelong dream. For others, it’s a way to finally get your books and Blu-rays out of the boxes in your attic and out where you can see them. Your home library is a great place to read, obviously, but also for your kids to […] Read Post

  • Creating a Tranquil Work Space in Your Dallas Home with Custom Office Furniture

    Do you work from home sometimes? Do you want to? If so, you’re not alone. A recent survey from the staffing company Robert Half revealed that 76% of Dallas workers would be more likely to take a job if it let them telecommute. Since, as of a 2016 study from the Brookings Institute, 4.9% of […] Read Post

  • Upright vs Horizontal Dressers: Which Is Ideal for Your Space?

    Unless you’re the fabled Emperor from the old tale, you’ll need somewhere to put your clothes. Even in homes with ample closet space, the best place for certain kinds of clothing is usually your dresser. Whether you’re moving into a new home, furnishing a room for your kids, or just redecorating, finding the right dresser […] Read Post

  • Making Family Memories in Your Dallas Home With a Custom Bed and Headboard

    A Dallas bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a warm refuge on the chilliest winter nights when temperatures dip. It’s where you can shut the door and curl up with a good book with a cat on your chest or a big dog at the foot of the bed. It’s where […] Read Post

  • Bring Classic Charm to Your Home With a Custom Buffet or Hutch

    What are the things that make a house feel like a home? Family, of course. But also furniture. A home is lived in, warmed and made human by its inhabitants. But it’s not so much the house itself that a family interacts with daily, weekly, and yearly—it’s the furniture. Carefully selecting the furniture in your […] Read Post

  • Benches vs Chairs: Which Home Seating Option is Best for You?

    When you hear “bench” what do you think of? A park bench? That thing you may have sat on during your high school athletic career? Now, think about the seating you had in your house growing up and what you have now: was or is it exclusively sofas and chairs? There’s a strong likelihood that […] Read Post

  • Elevating Your Sleep Style with Custom Bedroom Furniture for a Master Bedroom

    Your bedroom should feel like a retreat. If you’re single, it may be the one room of the house that your guests aren’t allowed into.  It’s where you rest and where you get ready for whatever the day has in store. If you have a family, the master bedroom is where your children take shelter […] Read Post

  • How To Pick Out the Perfect Dining Room Set for Your Dallas Home

    Growing up, family dinners were a big deal for us. While Mom and Dad cooked, it was the kids’ job to set the table and make sure all the glasses were filled. Nobody was allowed to start eating until everybody had sat down at the table and nobody was allowed to get up until everyone […] Read Post

  • The Shopper’s Guide to the Best Wood Finishes that Last a Lifetime

    Woodworking is an art with a long and rich history, but to the uninitiated, it can all seem a little bit mysterious. Since most of us don’t work with wood ourselves on a daily basis, we might not be entirely sure how a tree gets turned into a table or a bed. We only know […] Read Post

  • Tips and Tricks for Designing a Kid-Friendly yet Stylish Living Room

    When you’re just starting out in your first home, the living room is where visiting family and friends congregate for the housewarming party. It’s where you rest and relax after a long day at work. And, if and when the time comes to expand the family, it’s where new parents may anxiously listen to the […] Read Post

  • How to Convert Your Garage into a Bedroom without Sacrificing Style

    Have you ever thought that it sure would be nice to have an extra bedroom? You could finally have someplace comfortable for guests to sleep. Or, you could split the kids up and finally get rid of the bunk beds and bickering. Maybe your or your partner’s parents are coming to live with you, and […] Read Post

  • Choosing the Right Size Dining Table to Fit Your Space

    Over the recent holidays, did you eat meals with family and friends, host them for a meal yourself, or have some combination of visiting and hosting? At one of these events, you may have had the experience of dining at a table that was so large you found yourself seated on one side crammed against […] Read Post

  • Custom Dallas Home Office Furniture Ideas to Maximize Small or Unique Spaces

    One of the most surprising aspects of purchasing a new home is the way your furniture can seem to shrink. If you’re coming from an apartment or smaller space, you’ll often find that your new home has more space than you know what to do with, and it can be quite a bit of fun […] Read Post

  • The Best Home Decor in Dallas: How to Fill Your Home with Texas Style

    If you ask the average American to describe Texas style, odds are they may reply with something about steer horns or horseshoes and then quickly trail off. If you ask locals themselves, however, you are likely to get a range of responses that reflect the truly dynamic diversity of Texas style. Texans take immense pride […] Read Post

  • A Guide to the Wood Used for Furniture: Picking the Best One for Your Space

    Have you heard about Knickers the steer? This Australian Holstein has been making the rounds on the internet, thanks to a hysterical picture of him standing head and shoulders above a herd of “normal” sized cattle. Where did this giant come from, the internet wondered. As it turns out, Knickers is about the average size […] Read Post

  • Custom Dining Room Wood Tables for Sale in Dallas: How, Where, and Why to Buy

    One of the traditions many Dallas families have managed to hold onto over the years is having dinner together. In a world where much of our time is spent staring at one screen or another, this face-to-face time across the dining room table can mean a great deal. Owning a quality dining room table is […] Read Post

  • The Best Places to Buy Quality Furniture in Dallas, TX

    How do you know you’re getting quality furniture for your Dallas home? Do you look at the substance and style of the furniture? There are those who are devoted to a particular material or period and scour local markets looking for examples. Do you look at the way it’s built, checking the joints, fasteners, and […] Read Post

  • How to Choose the Best Dallas Custom Furniture Maker When Remodeling Your Texas Home

    Remodeling your home is exciting and challenging. A successful remodel can add more space and increase the value of your home, which are both worthwhile benefits. More important, however, is the way your newly-remodeled home will set the tone for your future. Your living space is an expression of your personality; it shapes your daily […] Read Post

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Furniture for Your Home and Family

    A friend’s eldest son recently went off to college. Like a lot of young men, he immediately spent too much money on a new top-of-the-line television. He purchased a cheap stand for it online, but after only a few weeks, it began to wobble. When he returned home for a break, he asked his parents […] Read Post

  • How to Explore the Dallas Design District: Can’t-Miss Furniture Showrooms, Galleries, and Restaurants

    Dallas is a great place to live: There’s a lot to do, and there’s a lot that’s new. One of the jewels of new Dallas is our Design District, located right next to the heart of the city. Once an old floodway, then a warehouse district that thrived on easy access to Interstate 35E, the […] Read Post

  • 5 Designer Tips to Turn Your Formal Dining Room into a Custom Home Office

    For many Texas families, the formal dining room serves as a convenient gathering place for Sunday night dinner, while in other homes around the state, it’s more common for busy families to eat at a farmhouse table or a round table in the kitchen dining nook. If your family prefers casual gatherings for meals, your […] Read Post

  • How to Choose the Best High End Furniture to Customize Your Dallas Home

    A home is more than just a place to live. It’s your family’s vision of living well turned into reality. In Dallas, our visions of the good life come in many forms. Some of us call a downtown high rise home, our evenings spent enjoying concerts and weekends out walking the farmer’s market or art […] Read Post

  • Tips to Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

    A coffee table is a staple centerpiece of each living room. Sometimes choosing a new coffee table can feel slightly overwhelming but with a few, easy tips it can make the process a bit easier. Tip #1: Size A general rule of thumb is to select a coffee table that is no larger than 2/3 […] Read Post

  • Meet Amy Thurston | One of KC’s Premier Designers

    Hear from one of our favorite interior designers, Amy Thurston, on how she uses Unruh Furniture's custom handcrafted pieces to perfect a space. Read Post

  • Meet Molly Jarvis of Brasstacks Design + Build

    Sales Lead Carly had the pleasure of interviewing Molly Jarvis, owner of Brasstacks Design + Build. Last year, Molly and Carly joined forces to design a table for Molly's client. The entire space, including Unruh Furniture's beautiful Bakers Field Table, was featured in the March issue of KC Spaces. In this interview, Carly learns more about Molly's design inspirations. Read Post

  • 8 Stylish Summer Table Setting Ideas

    Unruh Furniture recently did a collaborative shoot with Chentell Shannon, owner of Convivial Productions, and Stephanie Agne, owner of Golden & Pine. It was such a pleasure to spend time with fellow KC business owners who approach their craft with such pride and intentionality. It was an afternoon wonderfully spent, and we couldn’t wait to […] Read Post

  • Your Office Furniture Speaks Louder Than Words

    According to the British Psychological Society we spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day at our office desks. Whether you are set up in the backroom of a 3 bedroom ranch in a cul-de-sac or in a corner office on the 9th floor in the business district, your office furniture is important. Read Post

  • 4 Tips for Choosing a Trestle or Pedestal Dining Table

    If you’re in the market for a pedestal dining table, but you’re not exactly sure how to choose the best one, this post is for you. With our expertise and your skills in Geometry and Algebra, we'll find your perfect pedestal dining table. This post is brought to you by the letter P and the number 24. Read Post

  • The Courage of a Mother

    Recently, Tina Regier, who has taught 2nd grade for 24 years, received her completed table through the Mom Fund initiative. These are her words. This is her story about her and her son's courageous battle with cancer and their fight for hope. Read Post

  • Kansas City Furniture Store + Local Ceramic Co.

    Unruh Furniture is excited about our partnership with Chentell Shannon, owner and operator of Convivial Production. Like Unruh, Chentell's success story begins in a home garage. Read Post

  • 6 Ways to Add Custom Wood Furniture to Your Home

    If you can use barn doors for your pantry or reclaimed shiplap to cover your living room wall, then why can't you use it for your furniture? One unique piece can brighten any space. Read Post

  • Shopping For Fine Furniture On A Budget? Keep These Tips In Mind

    In a survey of over 2,000 consumers, 72.7% of respondents agreed that, “The design of my furniture reflects my personality,” and 67% of respondents agreed with the statement, “A lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns.” Unfortunately, the furniture you love may not always have a price tag you love. […] Read Article

  • What Are the Differences Between Custom Furniture and Store Bought Furniture?

    If you’re one of the 47% of Americans who have not upgraded the decor in their home over the past five years, you may find yourself looking into getting new furniture. There are so many options when choosing furniture and homeowners often find themselves trying to choose between custom and store bought pieces. To help […] Read Article

  • Which Type of Material Should You Choose for Your Furniture?

    When a homeowner makes the decision to buy new furniture, they consider it an important investment. In fact, 95.1% of over 2,000 survey participants said they “expect furniture to last for many years.” If you’re one of those people who want the most out of their furniture, it’s important to know what kind of material […] Read Article

  • Factors to Consider Before Choosing to Buy Custom Furniture

    When it comes to furniture, it’s important for homeowners to have pieces that they are proud to show off in their home. It can be difficult for customers to find a ready-made piece in the store that compliments the rest of their home decor. However, custom furniture gives homeowners the opportunity to get the perfect […] Read Article

  • Wooden Furniture: The Benefits of Going Custom

    If you’re looking for new furniture for your home, you may find yourself traveling from store to store but still not finding the right pieces. If that’s the case, you should consider going the custom route. Working with an experienced craftsman, you can have a one-of-a-kind piece that is exactly what you want. With that […] Read Article

  • Modern Twists on Classic Furniture Styles for 2018

    Although constantly evolving tastes are pushing the envelope for design, classic looks are still the main influence for any trend. Finding the right balance between modern and classic is easier when you have the option of customizing the style according to your own personal needs. Cerused Wood Back in the 1500s, French furniture makers would […] Read Article

  • Make the Most of Your Space with These Small Living Room Ideas

    The living room is a space in your home where you can sit back and unwind after a long day. A cramped place, however, may get in the way of your relaxation. Although you won’t be able to change the size of your living room right away, it’s possible to trick the eye into making […] Read Article

  • How Unruh Furniture Helps You Create a Positive, Professional Image

    As a business owner or professional, creating a good impression on potential clients the moment they walk into your office is one of your major concerns. With each step forward, they are forming opinions about you and your character based on your appearance, mood, and surroundings, after all. Over the years, we’ve come to understand […] Read Article

  • Room Transformation: From a Plain Old Bedroom to a Rustic Dream

    Any bedroom, no matter how plain and simple, can turn into a rustic dream come true. You just need the determination and a little bit of research to make it happen. The right mindset and sufficient knowledge about rustic bedroom design, however, will not yield results until you physically apply these to the bedroom transformation. […] Read Article

  • Capture Fall Colors and Textures in Your Interior Décor

    As summer fades into the chilly fall season, the burst of color outdoors is simply too appealing not to emulate in your indoor environments. Pumpkin spice, cider mills, crunchy leaves, and fluffy sweaters are just a few of the sensory comforts that homeowners would love to bring into their homes this season. A quick stroll […] Read Article

  • From Rustic to Woodsy: How Wooden Furniture Influences Home Atmosphere

    Interior design is the meticulous art of putting things together to create a bigger, more beautiful picture. It goes beyond choosing what looks nice and what is currently trending, though. It considers what kind of atmosphere you want to give off before even deciding which types of furniture and fabrics to use. Similar to the […] Read Article

  • Working with Different Types of Wood: The Best Techniques We Learned the Hard Way

    Wood is one of the most valuable and abundant organic materials used in various industries. Forests are grown and harvested around the world to meet the growing demand for this carbon-neutral and robust material. Hardwoods are cultivated from broad-leaved trees and make up 10 percent of the world’s timber stock, while the rest is supplied […] Read Article

  • Handmade, Custom-Made, and Made-to-Order: Why You Deserve All Three

    The terms “handmade,”“custom-made,” and “made-to-order” give additional value to furniture; but is it well-deserved? Learn to be a discerning customer. Read Article

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  • Buying Furniture Easy as 1, 2, 3.

    We live in a 100-year-old home in Midtown, and I can speak for both my wife and I when I say our home is the most important and personal space in our lives... Read Post

  • Why Unruh Furniture Exisits

    We live in a 100-year-old home in Midtown, and I can speak for both my wife and I when I say our home is the most important and personal space in our lives... Read Post

  • Why A Lifetime Warranty Makes All The Difference

    My parents live in a beautiful home out in the country, so going to Grammy K and Papa Kip’s house is a special event. And you know what always give me a smile? Watch Video

  • A Day In the Life of Pete

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  • Trampoline Park

    Companies that bounce together, stay together. Read Post

  • Mistakes

    I want to share publicly what I often share privately among friends: At Unruh Furniture we make and have made a tremendous amount of mistakes. Read Post

  • 3600 Walnut Street

    We explored the whole thing for a couple hours and left thinking, "That is a sweet building, but there is no way I could fix it up enough, no way I could get city approval, no way I could truly convert it into a furniture shop." Read Article

  • Everyone’s Favorite Employee

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  • About Myself

    Really, what's the point of blogging if you're not going to talk about yourself. Read Post

  • Tables for Moms

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  • Toilet Repairman

    Since this is a Thursday I thought it would be fun to tell a throw-back story. I'll start by admitting this is a real photo of me in a 95' Chevy Astro. Read Post