It starts with Board Selection

We believe great furniture starts with great lumber, so we take the time to sort and sift through whole bunks of hardwood to select boards perfectly suited for the piece at hand.


Craftsmanship Joinery

Where the furniture industry relies on laminated tops and cheap veneers, we take solid hardwood, cut them to size, and then glue them together to form slabs that will last a lifetime.


Built to Last

It is common practice by furniture sellers to have their customer’s assemble the final product, but we are craftsmen. We build our pieces in shop, and once built they will not come back apart to fit inside a cardboard box.


Sanded and Sanded and Sanded

Larger operations rely on industrial machines to handle their sanding, but we believe you can tell the difference between a piece of hardwood that was sanded by a machine and one that was sanded by a craftsmen who cares. We care and so we sand.


Stained by Hand

Likewise, when it comes to staining our furniture, we believe in the slower more intricate skill set of staining each piece by hand. There is an art to putting color to wood; it’s a skill we’ve harnessed and are proud to exhibit.


Durable and Beautiful Finish

After nine unique build stages and nine tedious approval processes, our furniture finally reaches the finishing stage, where we apply three coats of a high end, matte finish, water-based lacquer designed to stand the test of time.


Personally Delivered

The pride we take in our work and the quality we put forth doesn’t end when the furniture is complete; we are equally committed to seeing our product make it safely into each customer’s home. We do all of our deliveries in-house by people who care deeply for both the product and the customer.