Let’s Make Your Bedroom Even More Personal: We Build Custom Bedroom Furniture in Kansas City

Bedroom Furniture

The perfect bedroom should evoke that comforting, warm and fuzzy feeling — and you can achieve that with our handcrafted bedroom furniture in Kansas City.

At Unruh, we create furniture pieces to your exact specifications. We have samples in our showroom, but we don’t keep an inventory. Our team builds everything from scratch. After all, we understand that you may want something unique and personal for your bedroom.

Whether it’s a bed frame, a dresser, or a nightstand, expect our team of artisans to deliver high-quality craftsmanship. We have over 142 unique styles, six different wood species, and 12 beautiful custom finishes. Just tell us what you want for your bedroom furniture piece, and we’ll do it. More importantly, we stand behind our work — we guarantee our pieces for life.

Check out the samples of our bedroom furniture, below. Or, better yet, schedule a showroom visit to see some of our finished works.


Beds are your sleep sanctuary, so it’s essential that you find one that creates a relaxing and harmonious space. A beautifully crafted bed is a great investment because it helps families, children, and guests feel comfortable and energized.

Our beds at Unruh Furniture combine modern and traditional elements to give your bedroom a classy, sleek look. Custom-make your ideal bed to make your sleeping quarters cozier and inviting.



Dressers are furnishings that help you store and sort your clothing. Choosing a set of drawers is essential because you’ll need to find one that’s large enough to comfortably store all your clothes. More than a place to keep your clothes, however, dressers are also visible pieces of furniture. They give you an opportunity to turn it into a powerful design statement.

At Unruh Furniture, our dressers come in various styles, wood species, and custom finishes. Our team of artisans deliver nothing short of high-quality craftsmanship to help you create the ideal furniture piece. Schedule a showroom visit today.



Add a personal touch to your bed with a stylish headboard. As a decorative element, headboards can enhance the appeal of your bedroom for lazy mornings spent in bed. A headboard makeover can, after all, transform your bedroom into a place that reflects your style. It’s also a practical addition to your sleeping quarters because headboards guarantee ultimate relaxation when you want to prop yourself up when eating or watching TV.

We offer two kinds of headboards at Unruh Furniture. Our Dutch and Williamson headboards feature classic styles with straight lines that will turn your bed into a stand-out centerpiece.