Carpenter’s Corner: Sanding Your New Desk or Dresser

Carpenter’s Corner is our new new series with direct input from Unruh expert carpenters. Some weeks will highlight favorite furniture pieces, and others will discuss what it’s like to work at Unruh. At the core, know that each Carpenter’s Corner blog post is fueled by input from our team. Although these words give you a sense for our team, they’d love to meet you in person! Schedule a showroom appointment today to see our space, meet our team and discuss your future furniture needs.

If you’re familiar with the furniture making process, you know sanding is a crucial step. It takes repetition, patience and focus – you need the right kind of person to master the sanding process. At Unruh, Luis Trevino is that guy. To give you an idea of his disciplines nature, Luis is a vegan. He knows how to take care of his mind and body, which translates into hard work in the shop every day.

For our last Carpenter’s Corner post of the year (with more to come in 2020!), we caught up with Luis to gain further perspective into the sanding trade, why he enjoys working at Unruh and some specific pieces he would recommend.

Our Sanding Philosophy

“The sanding process is different at Unruh Furniture because each piece is treated like the first piece,” says Luis, “We think about the families and the people we are making furniture for. We pay attention to detail in the sand room, and every detail we are thinking about customers who have decided to not only buy furniture, but also partner with us in providing personal handcrafted furniture by folks who like making it.”

Luis speaks to the “why” behind Unruh which is rooted in partnering with our customers. The furniture making process is so fun – why should you be left out?! Because our Unruh team knows why we do what we do, everyone can focus on their individual job on a day-to-day basis.

“In my time at Unruh Furniture, I have focused on sanding, staining and finishing furniture. I love adding the particulars to the piece I’m working on. I was led to the sand room because I liked taking all the saw mill marks off and making the table clear of any blemishes.”


The Dunmire Desk

When asked about a favorite piece of his, Luis mentioned one of our Unruh desks. We’ve written at-length about our desk selection – a great (belated) gift idea if you’re playing catch up! Few things are more empowering than to give your talented loved ones a space of their own to work and dream.

“I really love our Dunmire Desk,” says Luis, “made out of White Oak with a Weathered Oak stain. It really is a beautiful piece that makes the natural characteristic of White Oak pop.”

From wood variation to stain type, we will discuss which options look best in your space. It might be Luis’ one-two punch of White and Weathered Oak, but we’ll make sure it looks great no matter what you choose.

dunmire desk

The Hamilton Dresser

“Another piece I love is our Hamilton Dresser made out of Black Walnut with a natural finish. It’s a commanding dresser, and the natural finish will give an unrivaled glow of the Walnut.”

You might not think of a dresser as a “statement piece”. But with the right wood, finish and carpenters, a dresser like our Hamilton provides beauty + functionality for years to come. Sign up for a showroom appointment today!

hamilton dresser

Working at Unruh

We’ll give Luis the last word. But know that because of carpenters like him, we experience success on a yearly basis. At Unruh, customer satisfaction is our measure for success. Our dedicated carpenters are why we're successful. Come and visit us sometime! We’d love to meet you and give you a first-hand look at our sanding and furniture-making process.

“When customers come to the church and pick up their furniture, they are ecstatic about what they are taking home. Loading up furniture, made for a specific customer space, is an honor I don’t take lightly. The look and excitement on their faces is a sight to see – a sight that never gets old.”

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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