A Custom Table for a Single Mom. Every Month


A Custom Table for a Single Mom. Every Month



And we are blown away at all the moms who make that happen on their own. We want to help. We have been giving away a custom table to a single mom every month. To date, we have given away tables to 52 awesome moms. If you would like to see a video from the owner about the heart behind the mission just Click Here.

One of our recent winners is Kim Baucom, who was nominated by her daughter, Paige. When asked about her mom during the nomination, Paige wrote “Raising three girls is not an easy task, but she makes it work. My mom works hard and earns the most she can, and rarely spends it on herself. We’ve had the same table for 20 years. She works too hard and deserves a new table.”

Kim was extremely happy about Paige’s surprise for her. “I’m so truly thankful, you have no idea how blessed I feel right now! My childhood was spent around the family dinner table a lot and the memories have been cherished. I share them with my kiddos in hope that the tradition can be carried on… And yes, my 20-year-old big box store table is ready to retire,” she responded.

Another recent table went to Amanda Cichon. Amanda is from Olathe, Kansas. She is an IT professional and a proud mother of two little brilliant and beautiful girls.

“We recently lost our dining room table, which my daughter was pretty sad about. But, when I told her she could help me pick out a new one, she was very excited!” Amanda wrote in her nomination.

Do you know a single mom who needs a table?