Closing the Dallas Showroom

— July 30th, 2019 —

Closing the Dallas Showroom

July 30th, 2019

Hi friends,

This is Sam Unruh, and for those of you who don’t know me, I started Unruh Furniture in my garage 8 years ago. Around 6 months in, and for reasons I’m not sure of, I got attached to a desire to grow my furniture gig into something really big. I hadn’t yet defined “really big” and I didn’t know how to get there, but the desire was stuck on me.

3 years ago that ambition gave me the courage to buy a 100-year-old church, and 2 years ago it emboldened me to open a second showroom in Dallas, TX. I didn’t know what I was doing, or if it would work, but I believed it would get us closer to that dream of “really big.”

Today, 2 years later and more committed than ever to the same dream, I’ve decided to close down the Dallas Showroom as it didn’t prove to be the right vehicle for growth.

I’ve taken a lot of risks over the last 8 years; some have worked out and some haven’t. As much as it hurts to take a loss (and this is a big one), I am resolved to own it outright and move on to the next try. For me, this is that.

I still haven’t defined “really big” and I’m still not sure how to get there, but I am ready for the next risk. At the moment I believe it has something to do with nationwide shipping and becoming the best e-commerce custom furniture company in the United States… but I’m still ironing out the details.

To everyone who has supported us, and everyone who has help us, thank you! I am deeply humbled by all of your many acts of kindness.

To the pursuit of bigger and better,
and the resolve to not look back,

Sam Unruh
Owner, Unruh Furniture
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I’m in Dallas — Can I still purchase?

Yes, absolutely! Just because we are closing our Deep Ellum Showroom does not mean we are closing our business to Dallas. You can still purchase from us with the same local delivery rate we offered when our showroom was open. The only difference is you now will need to complete the order online. We are available and ready to help with any and all of your sales questions.

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