Tables for Moms

More than taking their orders through a form.

Allow me to preface this post with a recap on the thesis of this blog: I am experimenting with the concept of being fully transparent with my business. I named this blog Open because that's what I'm trying to be. As a contrasting example, I spend about $6,000 a month on Facebook and Youtube Advertising in the Kansas City area. Chances are you have seen one of our videos as a result of that money. And those videos (which I wrote) are my best attempt at communicating the specific parts of my business, framed in the best light, with the purpose of bringing the highest financial return on investment.

This blog is not that.
This blog the rest of the story.

My wife and I had some friends over for dinner the other night and my friend ask me, "What's the scoop on Tables for Moms?" I thought about shooting back a canned response you might see in one of our videos, but instead answered candidly. I thought I would share that response with you.

I started this program (I hate that word but can't think of another) back in December of last year. It's a simple concept: we make custom tables for single-moms in Kansas City for free. We started doing one-a-week for the first month or so but when the requests picked up we moved to two-a-week and that's what we've been doing for the last several months.

To be frank, the only reason we do it is because I am a Christian. I think Jesus cares a lot for single-moms. I think he sympathizes and feels and wants to help. I also think He lives in me and when I'm Open He lives through me. Tables for Moms started off as that and nothing more.

But along the way and in the busyness of my work life it became a program. I made a slick form on our website that takes applications; I read those applications and then send moms an order form; they fill it out and I enter the details into our system; my guys make the table and then deliver the table to them. But I never meet the moms. I don't see them or know them. My delivery guys meet with on their route but their delivery route is so busy that they don't have time to make small talk. So it's a program. Maybe even a charity.

Talking to my friend the other night helped me process all of that, and to be honest I don't like what its become. In the New Testament Paul is quoted saying to some of his friends in Corinth, "I opened wide my heart to you." I first read that back in college but it always stuck with me, the idea of opening wide my heart.

I don't I want to be apart of a charity.
I want to open wide my heart.

I think, and maybe I'm off on this, but I think there is no value in giving if your heart isn't involved. Sure, some moms get a table they wouldn't have had, but does anyone really need a table? Probably not. I think our needs revolve around Jesus and they are accessed through our hearts. I think the things we give and receive just help to Open us up.

So that's what I'm going to change about Tables for Moms. I decided for now on I am going to meet with the moms in person instead of taking their orders through a form. And I'm going to engage, and as best I can open wide my heart.