“The majority of people who buy from us do so on the recommendation of a friend or family member. It’s overdue, but we are now starting to thank those awesome people!”
-Sam Unruh, owner

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We Are Serious About This

Truly, personal referrals have been a hugest help as we’ve grown these last couple of years. In growing, we have had a lot of people come alongside us and say “Hey, we love what you are doing.” You may be one of those people, and if so we want to ask you to share us with your circle of influence, and we want to return the favor with some Visa gift cards.

Unruh Referral Program Q & A

How exactly does this program work?
This is a really simple program. When you signup we will put your name and mailing address in our Referral Database. When people buy from us, the first question we ask is, “How did you hear about us? Did someone refer you over?” If they say yes (which is most of the time) then we look to our Referral Database to see if the person who referred them over is in our Referral Database. If they are then we mail that person a $100 Visa Gift Card.

What if you forget to ask or my friend forgets to tell you I referred them over?
That’s no problem at all. Just shoot us an email or give us a call and let us know that your friend just bought from us and we’ll take your word on it and mail you a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Do I get a $100 Visa Gift Card for every person I refer over that buys?
Absolutely. There is no limit to the amount of $100 Gift Cards we will give you. We do limit the Gift Cards to purchases that exceed $1,000, but 95% of all of our orders are over that amount. We just can’t afford to give back a $100 if someone purchases a single chair.

Why are you doing this program?
For starters, we really appreciate the kind referrals we get and we want to start saying thank you with our wallets. Also, we spend about $100 on Advertising for every customer we get and if you refer someone over that’s $100 we are saving on ads, so we are happy to pass it along to you.

Can I get the $100 Gift Card if I’m not registered in the program?
You have to be registered Referral Database before your friends and family makes their Unruh Furniture purchase in order to receive a gift card.

What’s the best way to tell my friends and family about Unruh?
As soon as you register through the form below we will shoot you an email with all the best and most effective ways to share the word with your circle of influence. Signing up is as simple as filling out the short form below. Go ahead and do it today!

Join Our Referral Program Now

All you have to do to join our Referral Program is fill out the simple form below. We will email you a confirmation that you are in, and the next person who buys off your recommendation will earn you a $100 Visa Gift Card!