Are you wondering who I am?

I live in Kansas City and own Unruh Furniture, a custom furniture shop I started in my garage in 2011, which now occupies an old church in Midtown in Kansas City. I majored in public speaking in college and then went on to get a masters in theology from a seminary before starting the furniture gig. I am incredibly happily married to my wife Hayley and we have four kids.

Are you wondering how to get ahold of me?

I am an easy guy to get ahold of (hence this page you’re looking at). I prefer email as much as possible, but you are also welcome to call or text me on my cell (I’m afraid I am not much of a LinkedIn or Facebook person).

Email Address:

Cell Phone: 816-808-5259

Or if you prefer you can fill out this form and it will email me directly.

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