Mary Jane Rhoades Kuehnert

I just wanted to comment on how impressed I am with the business philosophy these folks employ. As a former single mom of two boys who are now grown, we spent every night at our hand-me-down, repaired table eating dinner and talking about life. I firmly believe that LIFE happens and LOVE is expressed at the dining room table. As an aside, I've noticed that my boys, too, as in your video, still sit in their unassigned "assigned seats" at the table when we gather now, even though they are in their 20s and bring their girlfriends to the table with them. Now I know why! Thanks for being a great business, and having such a wonderful business ethic.

By Sam Unruh

I started Unruh Furniture in my garage in 2012 when my wife was pregnant with our first. Today I have 4 kids, 20 employees, and plenty of fires to put out every day. It's a great life and I am a happy man.