If you’re ready to go just fill out our simple Deposit Form below. It will ask for your credit card information after receiving your contact details. And we will send you a confirmation email immediately after filling out the form.


What happens after I book my deposit?

Within 5 minutes of placing your deposit you will receive a confirmation email that includes a Revised Invoice reflecting your Deposit. That email also includes a Custom Change Order link that you can use if there are any changes you would like to make to your order.

Is it okay if I want more or less furniture than I said during my showroom visit?

Absolutely. Placing your deposit today ensures you get the soonest completion date available by saving a spot on our schedule. You then have 7 days to add, take away, or change anything about your order.

How will I get my deposit back if I decide to cancel?

If you cancel your order within 7 days of booking your deposit then we will simply put that $199 back onto your credit card, and we are happy to do that if you decide to cancel.