Dearborn Table

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Dearborn Table

Steel legs combined with a solid wood top to create a thing of industrial-inspired beauty. Perfect for a modern look or for a banquette seating area where space is key. Buy it for looks, enjoy for a lifetime.

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Select the size, down to the very inch, that perfectly fits your space.

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Next choose one of our six American hardwoods. There’s nothing fake about any of our lumber options.

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Now bring it to life by choosing any one of our rich finishes.

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The furniture industry is overflowing with particle board, veneers, and a whole host of lightweight substitutes for what furniture is supposed to be made out of: hardwoods. Not so at Unruh.


Adler is the softest of the hardwoods and has a medium density and low shock resistance. $


Cherry is slightly harder than Alder but still on the medium side of density and shock resistance. $$


Our American Maple is right in the middle in terms of hardness and density. It’s sparse knots and smooth grain make it an excellent writing surface. $$


Hickory is as hard and heavy as it gets. It is not easily moved or easily dented, and it's natural beauty is incredible. $$$


White Oak is by far our favorites of the oaks. It is incredibly hard and has an excellent density factor. $$$


American Black Walnut is, for many, the crown jewel of the hardwoods with its perfect match between hardness and beauty. $$$$


The furniture industry typically provides 1-3 finishes, but your home is more unique than that, and you're more interesting. So we give you the works.

Here's what people are saying

Jen Houser
Furniture Reviews

We got to see the new church building and were amazed. So beautiful and love the showrooms. And you can even watch from afar as they make pieces. Service is incredible.

Erika Winters
Furniture Reviews

At a home lived in by two engineers, we needed a table that fit our space exactly. This table will be with our family for generations!

Kim Pluenneke
Furniture Reviews

We didn’t want something from a large store but something personal, with a story. We absolutely love our piece. Everyone we worked with exhibited professionalism, expertise and care.

Amy Abernathy
Furniture Reviews

We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful table and bench we chose for our family. We’ll spend a lot of family time sharing meals around this piece. Thank you Unruh!

Amber Massey
Furniture Reviews

We visited Unruh’s Showroom to customize the perfect piece for Baylor’s nursery. The moment I saw the Lake House Dresser in person I fell in love!

Stephanie Bulcock
Furniture Reviews

The Unruh experience was fabulous, from start to finish. The showroom is great and now that it’s been delivered, we are in love with the pieces we ordered.

Dearborn Table


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