Trampoline Park

Is this not the most motley crew you've ever seen? When it comes to the Unruh Furniture employees, we are all over the map. Some of us are "old" and married, some living the bachelor life, and some of us still not of legal drinking age (and trust me, they hear about it often!)

I think that's what makes us such a unique team. If it weren't for working here at Unruh, chances are the majority of us wouldn't be friends, or maybe wouldn't have ever even crossed paths.

We don't come to work every day to stay in our corner, do our job, and go home after a 10 hour day building, sanding, and staining furniture. We really have a lot of fun, we enjoy coming to work every day, and we genuinely enjoy each other.

Sam, the brains of the operation, as I'm sure most of you all know, really cares about making the workplace a community for his employees. Not just his employees but their families as well. Which is where the "Tuesday night trip to the trampoline park and some well-deserved pizza to follow" idea came from.

That being said, here is a little glimpse into our big "family" and our latest and greatest Unruh Furniture outing to SkyZone.

What's better than a building full of trampolines mixed with a little friendly competition? The guys were not taking this lightly. Front flip competitions into the foam pit, who's got the coolest dunk at the basketball courts, and finally, the ultimate showdown, dodgeball. Who doesn't love to drill their co-workers and boss with a small foam ball? (They are actually a lot harder than they look!)

This may sound concerning, but don't worry. No one was too badly injured, and we all still got along after that vicious dodgeball game. Limping or not, we all made it to work the next day.

By Karli Katzer

In addition to being the nicest and most fun to be around girl we know, Karli is also happily married to Kyle and working on her nursing degree.