Dining Room Furniture Tailored Just For You

Kansas City Dining Room Furniture

Many family traditions are formed and take place around the dinner table — and we’re here to make sure those traditions are carried on well into the future.

At Unruh Furniture, we build custom-made hardwood dining tables that are sure to last for years. We have a range of dining room furniture styles, wood species, gorgeous finishes, and sizes to choose from. Our team creates the piece from scratch, ensuring it matches your specific requirements. Once it’s done, we hand-deliver it to your home and make sure it fits in your space perfectly.

In addition to dining tables, we also create tailor-made chairs, benches, hutches, and other dining room furniture. All our pieces are guaranteed for life. If you find any problem with your furniture, we will fix it at no additional material or labor cost. This is our promise and our commitment to ensure that your family meal traditions are passed down for generations to come.


Dining tables are not only a place where one can set their food and eating utensils; they are a gathering place, too. In many instances, they even act as the focal point of your home. So, whether you have a small breakfast nook or a formal dining area, remember that a table could enhance the appearance of your interiors. While dining tables often have the same basic design — a large flat surface for food and drinks and a base that supports the table’s weight — the right size, style, wood species, and finish can make a huge impact on your home’s aesthetics.

At Unruh Furniture, we carry various dining table pieces that can suit any modern or contemporary style. Our tables come in different finishes and sizes. Custom-order your dining table to match your overall home décor today.



Ensure dining room comfort with the right set of chairs. The ideal chair should offer exceptional comfort so you can feel relaxed while dining with family and friends. Depending on your dining table design and capacity, our chairs guarantee style and functional seating. Our Clarkson and Fallbrooke chairs are made from the same hardwood of our tables for a sturdy build and timeless appeal. Meanwhile, our Waldo metal chairs contrast with a rich, wooden dining table perfectly.

Customize our tables today to match the design of your dining table and kitchen area.



Dining benches are a great alternative to traditional chairs. With the furniture piece, you can squeeze more people around the table while adding a communal-chic vibe to your kitchen. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting an additional set of seats — you could simply pull up a dining bench at a moment’s notice.

Benches break the monotony of chairs, making them a stylish complement to your dining décor. With sturdy legs and rounded corners, our benches are something adults and kids would love sitting on. Customize your bench today to create a uniform look with the rest of your dining furniture.



Hutches are one of the most important parts of your kitchen as it allows you to store kitchen essentials. At Unruh Furniture, we let you personalize your display cabinet to suit your lifestyle, cooking habits, design preferences, and more. We handcraft our hutches for your unique space, so you can expect a work of art made from quality materials like hardwood. You’ll have the benefit of a durable piece.

We build our hutches based on the size you specify so you can maximize the space in your kitchen. Find the right look for your home with our hutches today.