Placing a Deposit Takes Only 60 Seconds


Placing a Deposit Takes 60 Seconds



What happens after I book my deposit?

We will process your payment and then reach out to you through either phone or email to confirm all of the details of your order. Once you give us the go-ahead that we have the details correct and after your 7-Day windows for changes or cancelations we will start building your furniture!

Is it okay if I want more or less furniture than I said during my showroom visit?

Absolutely. Placing your deposit today ensures you get the soonest completion date available by saving a spot on our schedule. We will then follow-up with you to see exactly what you would like to order.

Is it $199 for the whole order of $199 per piece?

We ask for a $199 Deposit per piece in our showroom, but to simplify things online we only ask for a $199 deposit for your whole order when you book your deposit online.

How will I get my deposit back if I decide to cancel?

If you cancel your order within 7 days of booking your deposit then we will simply put that $199 back onto your credit card, and we are happy to do that if you decide to cancel.


If you’re ready to go just fill out our simple Deposit Form below. It will ask for your credit card information after receiving your contact details. And we will send you a confirmation email immediately after filling out the form.