Handcrafted Living Room Furniture for Your Dallas Home


Dallas Living Room Furniture


There is no room to compromise when it comes to living room furniture. Your space is uniquely yours and it has its own design and aesthetic, the furniture you put in that space should dictate and correlate that desired atmosphere. At Unruh Furniture we offer six different hardwoods, twelve different finishes, and the ability to build your piece at specific dimensions so that the furniture in your living room is a perfect match. Our selection of designs allows for an array of styles from traditional, to modern, to contemporary, and farmhouse.

We only build to order so your unique piece will be custom built from the start by our artisan craftsman. This ensures that your piece is given the care and attention to detail that it deserves. We will also back your furniture with our lifetime warranty, so no matter what happens to it we will take it in and repair it. We want your furniture to become a permanent part of your home as memories are made with everyone who walks in the door and experiences your space.


Sideboards play an important role in a living room space. Storage and display are absolute necessities in a shared space like that. Pictures of the family, storing toys, storing linens, displaying your antiques. Even using a sideboard for an entertainment center can be just what your living room needs. With such a variety of uses a piece like a sideboard should not be compromised on.

Unruh Furniture offers a variety of styles for sideboards and the ability to customize the dimensions, finish and hardwood. Ensuring your space has the perfect fitting piece with the perfect function.


Bookcases hold an old time tradition of being perfect for storage and display. They will hold stories bound in books but also pictures and keepsakes of your friends and family. A bookcase will also provide dynamic design to your living room and give function to the space.

Here at Unruh Furniture we can customize the dimensions of your bookcase to fit perfectly in your space. Our selection of hardwoods and finish allow for your piece to stay cohesive to the aesthetic you’re wanting to achieve. Come check out our showroom in Deep Ellum and see our bookcases for yourself.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table can be the central gathering point of a living room. A piece with that role can get used heavily for a multitude of different things. Compromising on the integrity of your coffee table should not be an option.

Unruh Furniture offers an unmatched selection of durable hardwoods to customize your coffee table with. Built to the dimension of your choice and finished using the twelve options that we offer, your piece will be unique and a perfect gathering place for your space. We will also back your piece with our lifetime warranty so that no matter what happens to your coffee table in all its use, we’ll take it in and repair it. Customize a coffee table with us today.

End Tables

End tables can function as stand alone pieces in your bedroom, they can go with chairs in the living room, and also offer storage and display. Furniture with so much versatility should not be limited by design, at Unruh Furniture we offer handmade custom end tables to fit perfectly into your space.

We offer six different hardwoods and twelve different finishes ensuring your end tables fit into whatever aesthetic you’re wanting your space to achieve. Backed up by our lifetime warranty your piece will last a lifetime as it surrounds and serves you in countless ways.