Custom Dining Room Furniture, Tailored to your space

Dallas Texas Dining Room Furniture

A dining room has the potential to be the most central point of activity shared between family and friends. A central part of the experience in a dining room is supported heavily by the furniture in the space. Whether it’s your whole family gathered on a bench at a table sharing stories, a formal meal served from the buffet, or a hutch displaying china and storing other utensils. The design and dimension of the furniture used in a dining room should never be compromised.

Unruh Furniture offers a wide variety of custom built, made to order dining room furniture. Our selection of hardwoods and finish allow for our designs to flourish in a variety of ways that are sure to fit your spaces aesthetic perfectly. Because the piece that you help design caters to your exact home, it ensures your dining experience will be unique when compared to any other. Not only can we guarantee a perfect piece for your space but we guarantee your furniture with our lifetime warranty, so no matter the cause, we keep your furniture in great condition. That’s the Unruh Promise.


Dining room tables are the central gathering place in every dining room. The perfect place to gather, have a meal, share stories, and celebrate the ones you love. By customizing a dining room table with Unruh Furniture, you ensure zero compromise on design or function of the piece. Our various designs promise there is a style that works in your home, whether it’s a modern, contemporary, or traditional aesthetic. With our help we can utilize your unique and personal space so that your dining room will have the perfect place for all your loved ones to gather around.

Choose between our six different hardwoods and twelve different finishes, built at the perfect dimensions for your space. We will also guarantee your custom dining room table with our lifetime warranty, ensuring your friends and family will always have a place to come back to gather.


Dining room chairs are an essential component to a dining experience. It’s what we all find comfort and relaxation in as we gather to celebrate and enjoy each other. Having enough chairs to use your tables space allows for the fullest experience in your dining room. Customizing chairs with Unruh Furniture ensures an accompanying style to your table to afford your space a timeless and cohesive design.


Benches provide the perfect space for you and all your guests to take a seat at the table. Our benches come in versatile designs allowing them to work well in modern, contemporary, and traditional style homes. Customizing a bench with Unruh Furniture will allow for cohesive style seating to go with your dining room table, and to provide comfortable, high quality seating for you and your guests.


A dining room hutch is essential storage and display for any dining room. To find a hutch that fits the aesthetic and dimensions of your space can be extremely difficult. At Unruh Furniture we offer a variety of hutches that work well in any traditional or modern styled home and by taking the steps to pick dimensions, hardwood, and finish you can find a hutch completely unique to you and your space.