Customize your most personal space. Come see our custom bedroom furniture in Dallas.

Bedroom Furniture in Dallas, Texas

Unruh can create the perfect bedroom furniture for your space. Your bedroom is a space where you can go to find privacy, comfort, relaxation, and little bit of a get away. Customizing your furniture through Unruh guarantees that you are providing an important space with furniture that will fit perfectly and cater to your exact needs.

With each unique style of bedroom furniture we offer, whether it’s a dresser, bed frame, or nightstand our artisan craftsman put in the time and effort to provide you with the perfect piece. You can choose between six different hardwood species, twelve custom finishes, and your custom dimensions to make your piece completely unique. We’ll stand behind our work and guarantee the piece with our lifetime warranty.

Whether it’s a bed frame, a dresser, or a nightstand, expect our team of artisans to deliver high-quality craftsmanship. We have over 142 unique styles, six different wood species, and 12 beautiful custom finishes. Just tell us what you want for your bedroom furniture piece, and we’ll do it. More importantly, we stand behind our work — we guarantee our pieces for life.

Schedule a visit today and visit our Deep Ellum Showroom to see for yourself the unique and quality craftsmanship Unruh offers.


A custom built bed frame is essential for any bedroom. A bed is the central point for any bedroom space and should provoke feelings of comfort and restfulness. Finding the perfect bed to fit your unique space can be a challenge, and that’s why building a custom bed with Unruh Furniture guarantees your space that perfectly designed piece that will give your bedroom the energy it needs to provide you with all the comfort and rest you need.


Dressers are a key component in a bed room and it is important have one that fits the design of your space and functions perfectly for your storage needs. Building a custom dresser through Unruh allows you to pick the style, hardwood, and finish that works perfectly for your specific bedroom aesthetic. Customizing through Unruh will guarantee your piece with our lifetime warranty, ensuring your pieces integrity.