My Story Started with a Girl


Encourage the miraculous by believing in the impossible. Be Unruhly.

Like most good stories mine started with a girl.

I married Hayley with all kinds of dreams in my heart and she gave me the courage to walk them out. We met at camp called Barnabas when we were in college and I fell hard over her. It took her a bit of time to catch up to my feelings so as soon as she did I married her. Today we have four kids and all kinds of joy.

When she was pregnant with our first she talked me into quitting my real job so I could attempt to make furniture for a living.

I started out in our little detached garage, and after a year in the backyard we bought this old house to fix up into a shop.

The Blue House barely lasted six months before we outgrew it. Next was a small warehouse a couple miles further out. There I hired a couple soon-to-be-friends and my one-man operation was now four.

Year three started with another, bigger warehouse and few more guys… and then there was Pete. We had talked about getting a shop dog for a few months but none of us had any idea how sweet it would be. Pete remains to this day the most favorite employee.

In the middle of all those moves Hayley and I had twin girls and were now up to three little ladies under the age of three.

And that’s about the time I stumbled across the abandoned and entirely breathtaking Westminster Congregational Church. I toured it with a realtor on a whim and couldn’t shake the dream of making furniture in the old cathedral.

After months of campaign my case to the city, neighborhood, and bank I purchased the church in November of 2015.

As you may expect 1904 Stone Churches are anything but conducive to furniture manufacturing.

We exposed nearly all of the original stonework, added new heating, cooling, and electrical; we renovated the balcony classrooms into showrooms, and moved all of our equipment inside. After nine long months of renovations we were finally ready to move in!

What started as one in a garage is now twenty-two and counting in a church. What’s next I don’t know, but the work is hard, the ride is bumpy, and I couldn’t be happier to sit where I sit today. Thanks for knowing us.