An Unruh Delivery is An Easy Experience


Choose your joy. We'll stand by it. Be Unruhly.

The day you receive your furniture is a big day.

We get that at Unruh Furniture, and that is why we go above and beyond to make it a great day. The type of furniture you find in the box stores is most often imported in from overseas, and because of that it is made to be as light and easy to move as possible. Not so at Unruh. What we care about is quality and durability. Furniture that is made with real hardwood lumber is strong, enduring, and anything but light. Because our furniture is so heavy we encourage all of our customers to go for an easy delivery.

We delivery throughout the Kansas City Metro.

Our delivery team goes all over the metro. If you are within 45 miles of our location in mid-town then your delivery is covered in our flat rate delivery pricing. If you are hour or two away from us then we would be happy to give you a custom delivery price.

We set up your furniture where you want it.

Some delivery teams do no more than drop your furniture off in your garage or the first floor of your home. At Unruh we believe in going above and beyond to make this day as easy for you as possible. Our guys will be happy to carry your furniture into any room in your home and set it up to your liking.

We have an easy self-scheduling system.

Being at the mercy of an automated system, or a rigid schedule is a real hassle. That’s why we created an easy self-scheduling delivery system. When your order is complete we will send you a link to our live delivery schedule and allow you to pick the day and time slot that works best for your schedule.