Furniture has become a business built on mass production.

But life isn’t uniformed and neither are homes. We provide furniture that is built specially and only for our customers. There is no inventory here, there are craftsmen, and they are intricately laboring over the custom details of each piece we send out. Working at Unruh means joining into that vision and embracing the dedication and skill it takes to achieve it.

We Work In A Church.

We build and finish all of our custom furniture inside a renovated church built in 1904. It is easily the coolest working environment in Kanas City! Our address is 3600 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.

We Are About 20 Strong.

There are about twenty people working here, which makes for great community while still having a small company feel.

We All Get Along.

We don’t have any jerks here. No hot heads or prima donna either. We are an easy-going crew that likes each other and likes working together.


Our culture is made up of both What We Believe and How We Act towards our work, each other, and our customers. We care a great deal about our culture and we are commited to making sure the people who work here embody it in all they do.