Where Did You Get Those Dining Chairs?!

The title of this post is a question we get a lot – many ask, “Where did you get the dining chairs?” The question often refers to many of our pictures online. Although some of those chairs, in various Unruh customer spaces, are from other stores we know and respect, many of the dining chairs you see are Unruh dining chairs. If that’s news to you, then we invite you to a tucked-away section of our site: dining chairs and benches.

There are larger pieces of furniture that admittedly receive most of the glory online – we do specialize dining room tables and bed frames alike, but amidst our vast wooden furniture selection, chairs and benches mean just as much to our expert team of carpenters and complete any room they occupy.

Take a quick mental inventory of the (hardwood) chairs in your home. First off, do you have enough and is their collective look and feel consistent with your home? How long have you had them? Are they showing some wear? And most importantly . . . are they comfortable to sit in?

The Chairy on Top

A high-quality, handcrafted chair should provide years of longevity and the aesthetic to match. Depending on your kitchen and/or dining room style, Unruh has some great options to choose from. (Although you only see a few options under “Dining Chairs” we can always talk about a custom variation just for you). In addition, you might notice benches throughout many of our Unruh customer spaces as well – many of those customers enter our showroom without having considered a bench for their dining table set. But with our customizable options, we discuss how a bench might be the perfect fit for their space, and many decide to take the chance for something different . . . and end up loving it!

Below are a couple options for both – two chairs and two benches – but there are certainly more. The conversation surrounding new chairs for your home invariably follows a conversation surrounding your new Unruh dining room table. That’s the typical formula we engage at our shop, but we are more than happy to jump straight to chairs and benches. Hey . . . if you have that many people heading over to your home, we’d be glad to seat them all. (As long as we get an invite, of course).

The Clarkson Chair

When you think of “Clarkson” think of “Classic”. We lead with this simple-but-mighty chair to supply your space with a supportive spot for comfort. And for a wooden chair, it’s about as comfortable as you’ll find. A high-quality wood chair will assist good posture and support friends and family for years to come. Again, would you like to see any sort of variation on the Clarkson? We’re always up for a custom creation if it means bringing your dream to life.

clarkson chair

clarkson chair

The Hillside Stool

Plot twist! Coming at you with our brilliant little Hillside Stool. Although we could highlight the Fallbrooke Chair, it’s fairly similar to the Clarkson. We encourage you to check out both chair options and consider how each could improve your space. But we recognize how stools have grown in popularity with the growth in kitchen island options and high-top tables. Therefore, it’s worth mentioning our Hillside for your space. Similar to the chairs, we offer this piece in four different height-options. Just depends on the kind of legs in your genes.

hillside stool

hillside stool

The Bakers Field Bench

With so many bench options, choosing two to feature in this post is a tough task. But our Bakers Field Bench is a fan-favorite. Bust out a tape measure and see what your dining room, kitchen or living room could handle. Utilize our online customizer to experiment with the length in a digital fashion. Then let’s schedule an appointment to bring this bench to your home.

bakers field bench

bakers field bench

The Broadway Bench

Sticking with the “B” theme, the Broadway tests at an “A+” on all accounts. For the more industrial, metal-accented space, this bench goes perfect with a table of similar aesthetic. The metal base serves as a firm foundation for decades to come. And the seat comes in a variety of hardwood options and finishes. We will make this bench with your specific space in mind.

broadway bench

broadway bench

Four different seats for two weary legs. After running errands, completing work and exercising regularly, sitting down to dinner with friends or family means a break. When you sit down for that gathering, make sure your wooden throne is supportive and ready for what’s in store:

Someone seated for hours, enjoying friendship, good food and great drink.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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