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During the summer of 2017 Sam and Hayley, decided it was time to expand Unruh Furniture to Dallas, Texas. Hayley a native texan and Sam a kansas citian knew Dallas had to be the next big step. Our Kansas City office is located in 100 year old church that was a massive undertaking and knew they were up for a challenge when they began looking for a showroom space in Dallas.

In June, they stumbled upon the historic break and clutch warehouse building in Deep Ellum and knew this would be the perfect setting to open up shop! The building was built in the 1930s and was in need of quite the renovation. Carly, our Design and Sales lead designed the perfect furniture pieces for the showroom and by January 2018 it was time to open up shop. The whole unruh crew loaded up two box-truck’s worth of furniture and headed south to get started!

Dallas furniture store

This photo was taken shortly after Sam and Hayley decided Dallas was our next big step! This was during mechanical phase of the showroom renovation.

queen storage bed

Here is a photo of move in day at our Dallas furniture showroom. Keep scrolling to see how it all came together!


Our Wall of Wood is one of the most impactful resources we have to show our clients - this is a photo of how the wood wall first started!

Furniture Made Different

Here at Unruh, we are different than any other custom furniture store and are not your typical box store. We promise to provide only heirloom quality pieces and handcraft every piece of furniture out of solid hardwood in our Kansas City location. All of our clients have the option to choose from 6 different american hardwoods and 14 exclusive stain and paint colors. While each of our furniture pieces can be made over a hundred different ways by our easy customizing process. Every piece is made to order and constructed based on your desired specifications. With an infinite range of choices to choose from, we have a wide range of furniture styles for Dining Areas, Living Spaces, Bedrooms, and Offices.

dining room tables

home office furniture

Built To Last A Lifetime

Our goal and promise is to create and build heirloom quality furniture that will sustain the test of time! It gives us pride in knowing that every piece we built with the utmost standards. Great furniture starts with great lumber, that is why we take our time and choose only the best wood planks for our furniture. From the moment we select the lumber for your furniture, we ensure that your piece will be built to last. Once we have selected the boards and the item has been fully assembled, the piece will go through a vigorous sanding process. Once sanded to perfection, every piece will be stained or painted by hand. Then finished with a high end water-based lacquer to ensure protection. Throughout each stage of production we inspect our furniture and have 10 different approval processes before it can be delivered to your home!

On top of our exceptional quality, we promise that if anything happens to your furniture, no matter whose fault it is, that we will fix it - at no cost forever! We guarantee this is the best furniture warranty in all of Texas! Upon delivery we ask our clients to inspect the furniture to make certain that it is just right. If at any time there are any issues with your furniture, just give us a call and we will coordinate at time to repair your piece to be as good as new!

farmhouse table

Let one of our trained design professionals on staff walk you through step by step, to show you all of your options and ensure the furniture you choose fits your home perfectly!

How To Visit the Space

We are so happy to part of the Deep Ellum and Dallas community. Have you visited our Dallas showroom yet? An easy 30 minute showroom visit will take out the stress of the furniture buying process. Set up a time to visit our Deep Ellum Showroom to get started designing the perfect furniture to fit your home!

By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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