Using Natural Wood Furniture to Bring Style and Design to Dallas Homes

Natural wood furniture means different things to different people. Some consider unfinished wood with knotholes and burls to be natural wood furniture. Others think that the designation belongs to tables and chairs with live edges that are cut straight and sanded smooth. Still others think that it is a type of finish that lets the natural grain and color of the wood shine through. In truth, any piece of furniture that is made of solid wood through and through can be justifiably called natural wood furniture. Different types of wood offer grains from fine to burly, and depending on the finishes you choose, can encompass different styles that range from grand and stately to comfortable and homey.

It’s hard to go wrong decorating your Dallas home when you choose natural wood furniture. With its clean lines and organic style, custom wood pieces can fit into every room, whether they are contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, or even mid-century modern. Nearly every style of home decor benefits from natural wood furniture whether it is a traditional dining room table in a sumptuously decorated formal dining room, a graceful writing desk in a contemporary home office, or a platform bed centerpiece of an Asian Zen inspired bedroom.

Unruh's natural wood furniture Belmont Hutch

The Belmont Hutch and Broadway Tablefrom Unruh Furniture show off their natural grain and texture.

Natural Wood Furniture Enhances the Style of any Dallas Home

In the past, home decor styles were pretty strictly defined and keeping up with them often meant compromising on comfort. They also tended to become dated rather quickly. However, that has changed. The biggest trend of the decade is a movement from strictly defined styles to looser ones that emphasize both clean lines and comfort. This leeway allows Dallas homeowners to decorate their homes in a style that pleases them while also allowing them to evolve over time through the addition of new lighting, decorative pieces, and paint or wallpaper. Natural wood furniture has a central place in so many styles it can serve as a centerpiece of a room for years—even decades—to come, even as the decor changes around it. When you are looking for wood furniture pieces, consider the following:

Solid Wood: The most important thing when looking for custom hardwood furniture is that it is natural through and through. Solid wood furniture offers greater strength than furniture made with wood products covered with veneer or laminate. They can also be refinished multiple times so that they can fit into many styles over the years.

Classic Styles: The latest trends come and go, and they can change quickly. Rather than decorate your home with furniture unmistakably tied with a fad trend like a brass bed or a yin-yang coffee table, instead choose a timeless look that has lasted through centuries without becoming tied to a particular year or decade. The cleaner the lines, the more complementary a piece of furniture is to different styles.

Quality Finishes: Nothing matches the organic look of solid wood in depth or nuance. Few things go well with as many styles and decorative pieces as well-finished natural wood furniture, whether its grain is clearly displayed through a coat of stain and sealer or give texture to colorful paint as it wears about the edges. The best wood finishes can last a lifetime when they are done correctly.

Fit and Function: Nothing will detract from your enjoyment of a stylishly decorated home like furniture that doesn’t fit your home’s spaces. Even worse, furniture that constantly causes you to trip over it, or ends up in an inconvenient location where it is never used will just clutter your home unnecessarily. The best style and design results in a home not only looks great, but is comfortable to use as well. Pay close attention to your room measurements and choose furniture that leaves enough space around it to be used.

Particleboard and composite wood pieces are the cheapest wood material. It’s basically mix of sawdust and glue. It’s the hallmark of low quality, mass-produced furniture. Within two years, it will likely be among the 9.8 billion tons of furniture waste in our landfills. Both veneer and particleboard furniture.

In this day and age it can hard to find furniture with this sort of timeless elegance that can last through the years. The majority of furniture available isn’t made from natural wood, and it is mass-produced quickly to capitalize on a trend. Even local furniture galleries may not be able to provide dining tables, desks, beds, and bookcases that are actually natural wood furniture for your Dallas home. You could settle for furniture that doesn’t last or that fits awkwardly in your home, or you can get the best in style and design for your home by turning to local craftsmen to get the best custom woodworking in Dallas for your natural wood furniture.

Unruh's natural wood furniture Abbey Cabinet

The Abbey Cabinet and Ward Round Table from Unruh Furniture demonstrate the versatility of natural wood furniture.

The Best Natural Wood Furniture in Dallas is Custom Built

Going to a craftsman for natural wood furniture allows you to customize your furniture down to the last detail. You can choose the type of wood and how it is finished, allowing you to perfectly match libraries that have dark walnut paneling with a matching pedestal desk and bookcases, or contrast the dark forest green of a dining room with the hues of a farmhouse dining table made from hickory wood. You can also order these pieces in the dimensions that fit that particular function you intend it to fill. A console table makes a handy room divider behind a couch, but in a narrow depth of 16 inches and a high height it can also serve as an out-of-the-way and convenient entryway table where you place the things you need before leaving the house.  A craftsman-created piece offers a level of style and customization that just simply isn’t available from most furniture stores.

The best place to find custom build natural wood furniture in the Dallas metroplex is in the Arts District. Deep Ellum is home to the Unruh Furniture showroom. They offer solid natural wood furniture that can be customized with the finish that best complements your home’s style, and the dimensions that make the best use of space and are convenient to use.

How To Get Started

Unruh Furniture has the best natural wood furniture in Dallas for your home. Tables, desks, beds, dressers, coffee tables, and end tables can be custom-built in one of six hardwoods to the dimensions you specify. When given one of twelve finishes they can match any home style, and last to be refinished by the next generation to match their homes. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum today to choose the best custom natural wood furniture for your home.

By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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