Using Customized Furniture Pieces to Make a Seamless Bedroom to Office Conversion

It may start innocently enough, with just a couple of emails sent from your phone while you’re sitting on your couch. But the next thing you know, your laptop is open and reports are scattered everywhere. Working from home can creep up on you. It can take you by surprise, just like the kids do when they barge into the room and send your carefully-organized paperwork fluttering around, or when your spouse keeps asking you about the grocery list while you’re trying to draft an important email. It can quickly become clear that you need a home office to help you create better boundaries between your work life and home life.

One of the best places for a home office is a spare bedroom for one significant reason: it has a door that can be closed to keep your work from being interrupted. A bedroom to office conversion is something that needs some careful planning to ensure it is actually a productive workspace and not just a room you happen to be in occasionally where you shuffle boxes around trying to figure out where your files have migrated to. A home office can be a supplement to your office at the actual “office,” or it can be where you work full time. Either way, making it a productive place to spend your time can be accomplished with the help of a smart layout and custom office furniture that perfectly fits the room.

A bedroom to office conversion with plants and family photos

A home office can be even cozier with added touches like beautiful plants and family photos.

What to Consider in a Bedroom to Office Conversion

The reasons that spare bedrooms are the best choice for a home office is that you can close the door and separate yourself from the distractions of home and family. Inside, you should have furniture that helps you get to work in a layout that allows you to stay organized and find what you need close at hand. A good first step before creating your home office is to consider the following:

Room Layout: Not all rooms are spacious and odds are good that your home office will be in one of the smaller bedrooms. Windows, closet doors, and ceilings at strange angles can all impact the flow of space in your office. You’ll want to design around these features, leaving windows and doors unblocked and free of any edges that might snag clothing or toes.

Working Hours: Is your home office going to be a full time workspace or a supplementary office where you check up on projects and deal with emergencies after hours? Will the office be used by you and you alone, or will it be a space shared between you, your partner, or even your kids? If you work from home, will you be minding a young child as you work? These are all factors to consider in the design process.

Work Type: In this day of telecommuting, the primary tool needed for many jobs is a single laptop which doesn’t require much space. However, some jobs still have deep roots in the world of paper. Architects, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers all work with hard copies of large plans and need large tables to spread them out for review. Lawyers may need to keep hard copies of legal briefs for a time. Some types of work may require multiple computer monitors or additional equipment. Take this into consideration when you are thinking about your custom office furniture needs.

The first step to completing a successful bedroom to office conversion is to consider the room. Many homes built in the last few decades have unusual shapes or unusual ceilings that create visual interest, but can make laying out a room trickier. If the bedroom you are converting has a low angled ceiling for instance, then you’ll probably want to put a piece of furniture against the wall beneath to serve as a passive reminder that keeps you from smacking your head on the ceiling in a distracted moment. If the bedroom you are converting has only one long wall that isn't interrupted by a closet or a door, then it will likely be the exterior wall and the only one with a window. You may wish to choose a desk with a smaller width to squeeze alongside the window without blocking it, or one whose top is beneath the windowsill.

Depending on the type of work you do and your specific needs, finding furnishings off the shelf that can fulfill all your necessary criteria can be a real challenge. However, custom wood furniture made to your specifications can help convert any bedroom into a comfortable, productive home office that looks stylish as well. The goal is to create a place where you will actually want to go to do your work each day.

Custom desk and chair in home office

The Olivia Desk from Unruh Furniture offers mid-century modern style and can be customized to fit in any room.

How Customized Furniture Pieces Make a Bedroom to Office Conversion Personal

No two rooms are exactly the same, and neither are any two people, or any two workers. A bedroom to office conversion should not only take into account the shape of the room but also the work habits of the people that will be using it. Work routines and work needs can be highly variable, and it’s important that your workspace support this.

Not all people do all of their work from home, and in these cases a bedroom to office conversion may do double duty as den, recreation room, or guest bedroom that is only used as an office when projects enter crunch time. A simple, classic desk that provides just enough room for a laptop and a pad of note taking paper next to a bookcase that can hold reference material or a few decorative file boxes may suffice for such an office.

The same is not necessarily true if your home office is your primary work space and where you’ll be spending most of your days. In these cases, you’ll want your bedroom to office conversion to be a full conversion with generous work surfaces, plenty of storage, and your work materials close at hand. A desk with deep drawers can be customized to provide the work surface you need whether for a single laptop or a powerful workstation with multiple monitors. Storage for binders, reference books, or files can be provided by bookcases or tucked away out of sight in a sideboard or hutch.  Hutches can provide easily-accessed shelving for office equipment and a concealed place to store documents.

Custom furniture available in the width, depth, and height of your choosing can be adapted to any home office plan. For example, sideboards can be built in a width that offers concealed space for all your work supplies, but in a height that doesn’t block the window. Heights can also be adjusted so that the top of a bookshelf lines up with the bottom of an unusual ceiling line so that it fits flush against the wall. The width of a bookcase can also be tailored to fit into tight spaces like the small walls that surround a closet, providing useful storage space. Custom wood furnishings make a bedroom to office conversion seamless no matter how unusual the bedroom is, and ensure that your office is a comfortable space that you love working in.

How To Get Started

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