Unruh Royalty: Three King Size Bed Frames Fit for a Queen

In a recent social post, we mentioned an eye-opening statistic: humans spend one-third of their lives in bed. (Not too hard to break down – ideally, humans need eight hours of sleep in a 24-hour day). You get at least eight hours of sleep every night, right?! Well, it’s at least something to shoot for. And if we spend so much time in bed, we ought to do it the right way: on high-quality, handcrafted furniture

Below, you will find three Unruh beds fit for royalty – all of which, like our title suggests, are available as a king size bed frame, in addition to queen and California king. You work hard every day –  give back to your body with premium furniture built for comfort. But before we highlight each bed and its features, here’s a quick word on WHY society refers to beds as “king size” and “queen."

Monarchical Mattresses

(Hey, that was fun to say)! Through the 1940’s, Americans generally slept on twin or double-size mattresses. That fact might stress you out – some of us, out of sheer blessing, have never known anything outside of a queen or king size bed frame . . . or at least try not to remember life before one.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that (what we now know as) queen and king sizes grew in production and popularity. For a cool $80, you could go from slim sleeping to spectacular slumber. Quite the upgrade! In addition, Bedding Magazine ran an article in October, 1963 with a wild statistic: Only 4% of men and women, in 1900, were over 6ft tall – by 1959, that number increased to 20%! Who knows if that was indeed true, but we’ll take Bedding Mag’s word for it. The industry used such knowledge to capitalize on society’s growing desire for comfort.

Industry leaders posited that sleeping two in a full size bed frame was about as much space to sleep as the common crib. From the 1950’s on, multiple PR efforts ran on one notion: “Buy Bigger. Sleep Better!” And the rest is history.

We’re grateful for the mid-century shift – high demand in high-quality bedding furniture led to one of Unruh’s core offerings: a king size bed frame fit for royalty (read: you). Choose from one of the three below, and book an appointment with us today. You have many more hours, nights and years of slumber left in this life . . . make it count with the only bed you’ll ever need.

The Dover Bed

If you’re looking for a timeless bed frame, then you’re looking for our Dover. Combining industrial steel elements with handcrafted wood is one of the ways Unruh blends beautiful design elements to form your furniture. The steel frame is bookended by two slabs of wood that you can customize today – we’ve seen the Dover take on a different look with each wood type, but the result is the same every time: satisfied customers with a new bed to call home.

dover bed

dover bed

Westside Platform Bed

When you think about the furniture in your home, what sticks out as a “statement” piece? In other words, what are those one or two pieces of furniture that set the tone for the rest of your home? (i.e. this is look and feel our home is going for). The Westside Platform bed frame is one of those pieces you build a house around. A modern look with customizable wood on all sides, we’ll choose the finish that will make your bed stand out from the rest.

westside platform

westside platform

Lake House Platform Bed

In keeping step with platform beds, we give you our Lake House. Unfortunately, not that kind of lake house. But this one is easier to maintain than an actual house, and serves you greater purpose on a nightly basis. This specific bed frame is unique in that it comes with built-in storage drawers beneath the frame – along with side wood-paneling (to hold your coffee, of course), this bed frame is as practical and functional as they come.

lakehouse bed

lakehouse bed

Therefore, we bring you three options for queen, king, or California king-sized dreams. If the bed you have now is not something you look forward to every night, that needs to change. You work too hard on a daily basis to finish evenings on an underwhelming piece of furniture.

The latter is why we exist: to take furniture that isn’t cutting it, and introduce you to a process that will make your life, and home, better. Your family will like “better” and your guests will too.

But your new Unruh bed frame? That’s just for you.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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