The Perfect Custom Bedroom Furniture for your Child’s Room

When buying bedroom furniture for children it is important to purchase pieces that will last for years and years to come. They should be furniture pieces that they can grow into and use at any stage in their life. Buying furniture of quality is so incredibly important and that's why at Unruh Furniture our promise is to create pieces that will sustain the test of time. We will guarantee that all of our pieces will be of heirloom quality; so that these items can be given to your children's, children.

wood dresser

This is our Lakehouse Dresser that Texas Blogger, Amber Massey, customized and created for her sons nursey!

Heirloom Quality Furniture

The owner of Unruh Furniture knows a thing or two about building and owning furniture of quality. That's why he decided to give a guaranteed lifetime warranty with every piece of furniture that we sell, so that no Unruh customer will have to worry about having to fix or replace one of furniture pieces. The reason we can offer this unheard of warranty is because we build all of the pieces out solid hardwood with no kind of veneers, wood fillers, or any kind of engineered wood product. Each product is handcrafted and made to order, and will go through multiple processes and delivered right to your door.


“We stand behind everything we build and sell. If at any time you have an issue with your furniture, whether it’s our fault, your fault, your kid’s fault, or your dog’s fault, we will fix it at no labor or material cost. And that promise will never expire. We believe this is, without question, the best warranty in the furniture industry.”


Furniture for Children’s Rooms

When designing a child's bedroom, try to choose a neutral color palette that adapt to any design style or decor theme. When selecting furniture you will want to pick pieces that have clean and simple lines. Buy items that they will grow into and use for their entire childhood and not just a few years. Your kids will need space where they can keep all of their things, where they can play, and hang out with friends so look for furniture that can be made to fulfill all of those needs. Try to give your kids a say in what they get, it can be a fun experience for them and will get them excited to know that this is something they got to pick!

Beds: When searching for a bed for your child’s room choose something that can go with any style or theme. Don’t buy a size that they will grow out of buy one that they can easily grow into and can keep for years. A twin size bed can be the perfect choice because it's not too big and is easy for smaller children like toddlers to grow into, and just the right size for teenagers. When selecting a bed frame or headboard from Unruh, you have the decision to choose not only the mattress size but also the headboard height that range from 42” to 60” tall. Another option you can pick with any of our bed styles is to add 3 or 6 underneath storage drawers to either side of the bed.

Dressers: are pieces that are important investments, as we would hope that they will last decades or even generations. So take your time choosing, and consider the options of what type of dresser will match your style and meet your needs. It can be hard to decide what size will fit your space best so first start with considering if an upright or horizontal dresser will work best. Keep in mind that all of dressers are made down to the exact size needed and can be customized based on size, color, and wood type.

Desks: Homework and studying is something school age children will need to do often and having a space that they can do so in is so important. Desks are key furniture pieces that a child can use even into their adult years if built of quality. We have many different desk styles to pick from and can build to the exact size you need and can be made to fit your unique space.

wooden bed frames

Our Denton Wardrobe is perfect for a kids room and can be used for clothing and toy storage. Check out our Denton Bed pictured above with our Brendal Nightstand.

How To Get Started

Are you ready to purchase handmade affordable furniture for your child's bedroom? At Unruh Furniture we can walk you through the process and talk you through each step. We have trained design professionals on staff to show you every option available and will make sure the furniture you pick is the perfect fit and finish. Schedule a time to visit our Dallas Showroom to get started creating furniture that is built to last.

By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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