The Dresser of Your Dreams: “An Heirloom We Will Pass Down for Generations.”

One of our favorite pictures is the nursery in a customer space. Amber Massey needed the perfect dresser for her newborn to grow up with, and her little baby (whether realizing it or not) needed us to answer the call. The Massey family decided on The Lake House Dresser for their nursery. And the finished product turned out great! But the meaning behind the Massey nursery goes deeper than fantastic furniture. We church out handcrafted, high-quality wood furniture for families because it looks great. Better yet: Unruh furniture gives families something to build memories on and pass down from generation to generation. (Just like little Baylor Massey will do for his kids someday).

“We visited Unruh’s Showroom to customize the perfect piece for Baylor’s nursery. I was originally going to go with a stain similar to the shelves but when presented with all the options I was immediately drawn to this perfect sage color.” -Amber Massey

It Starts with Quality

Our country isn’t short on furniture stores. And we understand why. They’re big, they’re fast and they’re easy. Those three qualities have captured familial attention across the U.S. but means similar furniture in thousands of homes. To breakdown the difference: Unruh is easy in that you can schedule a showroom appointment right now to discuss your furniture dream, we’re fast in that we can produce your piece in a matter of weeks and have it delivered to your home, and we’re big in that we dream about the perfect piece for your specific space.

We aren’t easy in that you can just walk in and walk out with furniture on the same day. We aren’t fast in that we promise 24-hour delivery. And we aren’t big in that our parking lot takes up a whole block. Greater than any of those attributes, we can promise one thing: we’re intentional. That intentionality leads to our quality and surefire process – a process we would love to walk you through as early as this week! Now, onto the dresser that your family will pass down for generations . . .

“We absolutely love this piece. We’ve been looking for a long time for just the right table. We didn’t want something from a large store but something personal, with a story. Our Family stumbled upon Unruh furniture a few months ago, met the wonderful people there and knew immediately it’s what we wanted. Everyone we worked with there, from the person who greeted us at the door, to the men who delivered our furniture to our home exhibited professionalism, expertise and care. This wasn’t just furniture to them but a creation, something they made for us with pride.”

Princeton Dresser

Thanks to the university, “Princeton” often connotes excellence and superiority. We wanted our Princeton Dresser to stand for something similar, so we designed a magnificent take on a traditional dresser. Eleven spacious drawers will provide a space for, quite literally, a century’s-worth of clothes. Never again will you worry about cramming in your closet or finicky dresser drawers. Our Princeton isn’t close to perfect – it surpasses.

princeton dresser full view

Denton Wardrobe Dresser

Now if you’re looking for a dresser that’s a little less conventional, consider our Denton Wardrobe. One larger door with capacity to store suit jackets, pants and so forth is accompanied by five traditional drawers for you and your belongings. The Denton, like most Unruh furniture, is available in six types of wood with over 40+ finish variations. You can customize to your heart’s delight, but our expert builders and designers are more than happy to provide input along the way.

denton wardrobe dresser full view

Briggs Dresser

Lastly, our Briggs Dresser presents a strikingly beautiful option complete with five spacious drawers to accentuate the piece. This is a classic take on the standard dresser, but it’s the kind of quality you might not be used to. We encourage you to break out a tape measure and find out the dimensions of where your next dresser might go, and then utilize our online customization tool to get a look and feel for a Briggs Dresser in your home. This is a great way to start your Unruh furniture-buying process, but you’ll never know until you come see us in person. We’d love to meet you! For a company that isn’t quite as large as the big boys, we’re happily small enough to make you feel at home.

briggs dresser side view

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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