Pave the Future with a Platform Bed, And Our Top Three Picks for Most Marvelous Mattress

We are all about honoring the past. In our last post, we discussed our humble beginnings as a company, and our wild transition to a 100-year-old church that serves as our woodshop. (The images are worth checking out the post in itself! And we have more images to come that preserve the church’s legacy). But make no mistake – we are just as passionate about innovation and dreaming about the future. Anyone on our Unruh team has free reign to present new ideas for growth and the good of our company. Years ago, we pursued a new product to serve as a unique kind of bedroom centerpiece: the platform bed.

Before we get to a few options and why you should consider a platform bed for your home, we want to take a brief step back and consider the mattress. After all, we’ve discussed on our blog, at length, the importance of your bed and bed frame. But what about the mattress on which you sleep? If humans spend one-third of their lives in bed, the mattress is pretty important, right? Over the last five years, there has been a surge in mattress popularity and analysis. The advent of shipping mattresses certainly placed a thorn in the side of traditional mattress companies. And the new form of shipment, with boxed mattresses shipped straight to your door, meant companies could get more creative with these comfort squares and the materials that made them.

Here are a few of our favorites. Thanks to the internet, you can read as many interviews as you’d like. But eventually, it’s about buying one and going with it. Thankfully, most of these companies offer a trial period where if you aren’t pleased with the mattress, you can return it. And don’t worry about trying to fit the mattress back in a box – most companies will send someone to pick it up for you.

Top Three Mattresses


This bed gives the phrase “sweet nectar” a new meaning. Nectar presents a memory foam option available in six sizes. Three of which fit perfectly inside our Unruh bed frame options: queen, king and california king. Nectar won USA Today’s best mattress for 2019, and the reviews will tell you why. It’s a great value for your money, and they offer a full 365-night-trial. (A full year to test it out)! In addition, they provide a lifetime warranty and two free pillows upon purchase. Nectar is what we call safe bet if you’re in the mattress marketplace.


If there’s any mattress company you’ve heard about in the last few years, it’s Casper. They have created a wonderful brand within the boxed mattress industry, and have the product to back it up. They offer three main mattresses – Wave, Casper, Essential – and all three are like “sleeping on a cloud” according to many reviews. If you like slightly softer memory foam option, you’ll love the Casper product. It provides breathability and comfort for any age and sleep position.


Dreamcloud presents a hybrid option – memory foam + spring coils – for comfort AND stability. If you need a little more support, while aiding your body’s pressure relief, this is a great option for you. This company also provides a full-year trial period with free shipping and returns. A Dreamcloud mattress provides optimal comfort through multiple layers. You won’t regret purchasing this option, and your back is sure to thank you later. No matter which company you choose, we know a new mattress is overwhelming. Hopefully, this narrowed-down list with some of our favorites makes your decision that much easier.

Westside Platform Bed

If you are new to the “platform bed” style, the Westside is a perfect introduction. No matter the size you choose, this bed is for those who lean toward minimalism in their home. This bed typically sits a little lower to the ground than a typical four-poster bed. But we are more than happy to customize a Westside according to your bedroom needs. Schedule a showroom appointment today and let’s make it happen.

westside platform bed full fiew
westside platform bed corner fiew

Lakehouse Platform Bed

As the name describes, the Lakehouse Platform Bed is the perfect fit for your lake house. But it’s not just because of the name! Built-in drawers rest beneath the bed frame to serve as extra storage for lake house possessions. You can also keep the drawers clear for guests and their own possessions. Needless to say, a platform bed + quality mattress will elevate your sleep game in 2020. That’s what we call a dream come true.

lakehouse platform bed full fiew
lakehouse platform bed corner fiew

By Will Severns

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