Paint Vs. Stained Furniture – What works best with your space?

Are you deciding on if you should paint or stain your custom hardwood furniture?

Understanding your space is so important. Starting with choosing a color scheme and design style are typically the first steps in the design process. Buying new furniture is the next step and in my opinion is one of the most important parts throughout the design process. Creating a custom piece of furniture ensures you will get what you want. At Unruh Furniture, we handcraft everything based on your specifications and each piece is made to order. We give our clients the option to choose from 6 different wood species as well as 49 different colors variations. Here are some of our thoughts on the paint vs. stain subject:

wooden modern queen bed frame

This Denton Bed was built out of Cherry wood and stain Sugar Maple.


Between painting and staining there is there is a slight price increase when painting, this is due to the additional steps in the finishing process that have to be taken. When you decide to paint furniture created at Unruh Furniture it will still be made out of solid hardwood and will be built out of Alder wood. Painting over Alder is most cost effective, plus you wouldn’t want to paint over cherry or walnut. Once it is painted you will notice a bit of distressing as there will be a slight rub through on all of the high points. We also will let the natural character of the wood show through, so you may see knot holes through out. However, you don’t have to paint the whole piece - you have the option to mix and match with the paint and stain. Keep in mind dining table tops and coffee table tops do not have a paint option.

wooden sideboard

Check out the Augusta Sideboard - the exterior is Alder painted Navy and Interior is Alder Stained Deep Mocha.


How does paint hold up compared to stain? This is a question we are asked frequently and the answer is paint and stain hold up about the same as long as it taken care of and maintained. Maintaining our furniture is very easy, you can clean our products by using mild soap and water or a low-acidic level multipurpose cleaner. If you would like other tips on how to maintain solid hardwood furniture - check out our post : How To Take Care of your Custom Solid Wood Furniture.

“If anything happens to your furniture, no matter whose fault it is, we will fix it - at no cost, forever!”

— Sam Unruh, Owner

However, we do not allow dining tables or coffee tables to have painted tops. These surfaces are typically high traffic areas and recommended staining the tops to ensure the longevity of our furniture as there is a chance the top could chip if painted. Each furniture piece is finished with 3 coats of a water based polyurethane finish to make sure your furniture will last a lifetime. With having the best warranty around, we promise to stand by every piece regardless of what happens and warranty all of our furniture for life!

solid wood dining table set

Check out the French Country Table painted americano cream base and Alder stained Deep Mocha Top.


There are so many different things you can do when creating custom furniture, the options are endless. We have 49 different color options to choose from. A large portion of our customers love the idea of incorporating a two toned look in their spaces. One option is painting and staining the item like the French Country Table pictured below. One common misconception when painting furniture is that it puts you in a specific style category. In my opinion that is false, you can still use painted furniture items such as sideboard and hutches in a modern setting.

Another custom option you have while still wanting a two toned look but do not want to paint is to choose a style with a metal base. Whether you are looking for a dining table, bed, or casegood we offer multiple different products and styles with a Metal Base. All of our metal work is done in house at workshop located in the heart of Kansas City and is made out of a natural raw steel. Incorporating metal in your furniture can help you achieve a more modern and industrial look.

modern industrial bookcase

Check out the Coleman Bookcase in Cherry stained Faded Ebony.

How To Get Started

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By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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