New to Unruh? Beds and Tables that Will Transform Your Home in Three Easy Steps

If we haven't met, welcome to Unruh Furniture. If you’ve followed us over the years, we’re grateful for your loyalty and interest in our products and process. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, know this to be true:

Buying furniture is overwhelming.

Stepping into an average furniture store will confirm that reality, and seven years ago, we started taking steps to alleviate the problem. After years of serving thousands in the Kansas City and Dallas metro areas, we want to serve YOU and your family, no matter where you live, with high-quality, handcrafted furniture made for your home. In three simple steps, we’ll walk alongside you until the specific need is met.

1. We Meet At Our Showroom

This is the difference between us and the aforementioned furniture store. We begin in an intimate setting – our century-old church we renovated into a full-functioning woodshop. The shop floor is where the magic happens, but upstairs is our showroom: where the magic begins.

When you visit our showroom (book a time today!) we’ll walk you through various types of wood, finishes, dimensions and other customizable options. Most importantly? We get to know you in our time together – what you need in your home and why. Let’s form a relationship before moving onto step two.

our showroom

Kip and Kris' experience will be similar to yours: fun, personal and ready to dream.

2. We Build Your Masterpiece

Not an exaggeration: the reason we roll out of bed in the morning is to build furniture you’ll have for a lifetime. The last thing you need is to buy a dining room table every three to five years.

Our team of expert craftsmen and women will pour effort into every detail. Compared to other pieces on the market, we trust you’ll see the difference.

detailed craftsmanship

We hire skilled workers like Hope to perfect your vision through handcrafted furniture.

3. We Deliver to Your Home

You might have seen one of our blue trucks driving around town. But we promise it looks better pulling into your driveway.

When our team delivers a new piece to your home, it will feel like Christmas morning. The back door will open, but you won't find Santa – instead, our team of elves will unload the last bed, table, or desk you might ever want to own. (Until we start on your next project).

home delivery

Dropping off your furniture is a day for celebration – we deliver furniture you'll have for life.

The Result

It’s a simple three-step operation – one we perfected so families get the most out of an otherwise difficult furniture-buying process. Yet simplifying your experience is only part of our “why.”

Our main goal at Unruh?

Create meaningful furniture and spaces your family will enjoy forever.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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