Modern Twists on Classic Furniture Styles for 2018

Although constantly evolving tastes are pushing the envelope for design, classic looks are still the main influence for any trend. Finding the right balance between modern and classic is easier when you have the option of customizing the style according to your own personal needs.

Cerused Wood

Back in the 1500s, French furniture makers would fill in the grains in oak beams with a lead-based paste to help prevent rot. As time progressed, non-toxic wax replaced lead as the filling paste, and cerused wood was born. Cerused wood, or as they call it Europe, limed oak, is a styling finish that creates a contrast between the grain and the rest of the surface.

Oak is the usual choice for a cerused finish because of its unique open grain quality, but other hardwoods like ash could also benefit from this particular style. A cerused finish on wooden furniture gives it an almost-historical feel that will make any furniture look weathered and sturdy.

Natural Imperfections and Dark Wood Accents

This year saw a rise in the use of raw wood furniture and dark, almost brooding colors, and it seems like this trend will continue to 2018. The “raw” trend takes natural wood pieces and highlights the imperfections that make it unique. Finding the right natural wood and dark accent is one of the best ways to showcase your own personality through furniture.

Colors like wengé, auburn, and dark walnut all further the beauty and uniqueness of raw wood furniture. Outfitting a room with natural wood furniture in dark colors can evoke feelings of coziness and home.

Custom Craftsmanship

By now, artisanal pieces have just about overtaken the mass-produced, predictable furniture of years past. Customized, hand-crafted furniture ensures buyers that their pieces were made with utmost care and love. We specialize in custom home furniture right here in Kansas City, providing you with unique and well-crafted pieces, customized just the way you like it.

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By Sam Unruh

I started Unruh Furniture in my garage in 2012 when my wife was pregnant with our first. Today I have 4 kids, 20 employees, and plenty of fires to put out every day. It's a great life and I am a happy man.

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