Metal-Based Dining Room Tables

When designing a dining room table, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is: Do I want it to be fully wood, or mix materials?

Metal-based tables are perfect for families who want something a little different. Rather than sticking with the traditional full wooden table, it is fun to have something not so uniform!

Dearborn Table
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Colby Bench
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Above is our metal-based Dearborn Table paired with the Colby Bench. Click here if you would like to see more customer spaces

Different Metal-Based Unruh Options

Rectangular Metal-Based Tables

Unruh offers multiple rectangular metal-based tables! Most are pedestal-based, which just means the legs or base are not located on the four corners of the table. This makes it easier to accommodate more people during meals.

The hard thing about pedestal-based tables is there is a minimum length that customers have to stay above. At Unruh, the minimum length is 68 inches long, which can still accommodate six people! But, it is something to keep in mind if you have a smaller space and need a table that will go to a lower length.

Sedona Table
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Above is our Sedona Table to show the pedestal location

We only have one four-legged metal-based (what a mouthful) option at Unruh. This is our Buffalo Creek Table, which you can see in the picture below. The Buffalo Creek Table is a beautiful modern design with hairpin legs. Hairpin legs are great for customers who own more Mid Century Modern furniture, as hairpin legs are considered a staple of that design.

Going with a rectangular metal-based dining table is also great because you can easily upgrade to a live-edge top! Our Walnut live-edge tabletops look great on any of our metal-based tables. If you would like to know more about live-edge tables, check out this article!

Buffalo Creek Table
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Sheffield Bench
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Above is our four-legged Buffalo Creek Table with the Sheffield Bench

Metal-Based Round Tables

At Unruh, we only offer one metal-based round dining table, our Hudson Table. Like our other wood-based round options, the Hudson Table can be as small as 44 inches in diameter, and as big as 60 inches.

This metal-based round table is perfect for families who don’t have the biggest dining space. The Hudson design has also been a favorite for breakfast nooks in the kitchen for those meals that don’t want to be had in the formal dining room!

Hudson Table
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Above is our only metal-based round table called the Hudson Table

Metal-Based Square Tables

Unruh offers two unique square tables, one being the metal-based Brecker Table. Square tables are among my favorite to sell because they can accommodate a lot of people in a small space. The smallest our square table can go is 56×56 inches and it can accommodate eight people, which is crazy! The largest the Brecker Table can go is 78×78 inches, which can accommodate up to twelve people.

Square tables are also great for families going for more modern dining room sets because of the symmetry it offers. With the beautiful crossing of the steel base and the square top, just add some modern dining chairs, and you are set!

Brecker Table
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Above is our metal-based square table, the Brecker

Perks of Ordering Metal-Based from Unruh

Since we are not using wood for the bottom half of your custom table, this cuts certain costs. Most of the time when you order from Unruh, there is an upcharge for the species of wood you choose. The only exception is if you choose Alder, which is no upcharge! This is because Alder is such a softwood, comparable to Pine.

The perk of choosing a metal-based table is not paying as much for the wood species upcharge! For instance, choosing our Walnut wood for your table results in an $869 upcharge. But, if you choose a metal-based table, this cost is cut down to $419! There is a similar price cut for the rest of our wood species, including Cherry, Maple, Ash, and White Oak.

This saving on wood cost can allow customers to upgrade other aspects of their dining room table. A lot of the time when tables are designed with a metal base, an apron or table skirt is not added to the tabletop. This is mostly for design reasons because table aprons add a kind of traditionalism that isn’t intuitive to metal-based tables.

Unruh has multiple metal-based tables without an apron. This is why we tell customers to use that money saved on wood cost and go with a thicker top. Our standard top thickness is 1 ¼ inch, so we tell customers who choose the metal-based option to upgrade to the 1 ¾ inch top.

The thicker top assures that whatever wood you pick is the star of the show. Otherwise, it can become overshadowed by the thin steel bars that make up the bottom of the table. Below you can see an example of this.

Boulevard Table
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Clarkson Chair
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Shown above is our Boulevard Table with the 1 3/4 inch top, with matching Clarkson Chairs

Now you are on track to designing the perfect metal-based table for your home! Check out our other blog posts for more information on custom furniture.

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