Meet Molly Jarvis of Brasstacks Design + Build

Last year Sales Lead Carly had the pleasure of meeting with Molly Jarvis, owner of Brasstacks Design + Build, to design a table for Molly's client. The entire space, including Unruh Furniture's beautiful Bakers Field Table, was featured in the March issue of KC Spaces.

Carly recently caught up with Molly to learn a bit more about Molly's design company and where she gains her inspiration. 

This is their interview.


Carly: Brasstacks is a husband and wife duo. What has been the greatest benefit of working with your husband, Kevin?

Molly: I think the best thing about working together is that we compliment each other. He compensates for my weaknesses and vice versa. In both work and life, we are better together. 

Carly: Where do you seek inspiration for your work? 

Molly: All the usual suspects: magazines, Pinterest, traveling, etc. But, I get most inspired by products. I can start a design off a great tile, material, or product. 

Carly: What trends have you noticed in the design industry that are gaining popularity this year? 

Molly: Social media has made it to where trends cycle in and out of style so quickly. So to me, its always best to go neutral with the permanent elements of your home. You can always switch your furniture or textiles to change style/feel.

I think this year, specifically for kitchens, we are getting asked more and more for darker kitchens or light wood tones as opposed to white. 

Carly: What piece of advice would you give to an upcoming entrepreneur? 

Molly: Work hard, be humble, and don't compare your success to others’! 

Carly: What are your top 3 favorite KC spots?

Molly: Baldwin Clothing, Golden & Pine: Home & Garden, and RoKC: Indoor Rock Climbing.

Brasstacks Design + Build is committed to using locally sourced materials and are celebrated for their "clean, intentional design." You can get immediate updates about their progress and projects on Instagram @brasstackskc.

By Sam Unruh

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