Make the Most of Your Space with These Small Living Room Ideas

The living room is a space in your home where you can sit back and unwind after a long day. A cramped place, however, may get in the way of your relaxation. Although you won’t be able to change the size of your living room right away, it’s possible to trick the eye into making the area look more spacious. If you want to make your living room cozy and aesthetically pleasing, consider applying these small living room ideas.

Opt for Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors in every part of your living room — the ceiling, the floor, the walls, and even the upholstery of your furniture. A palette of beiges or off-whites will enlarge the area by making it look like they’re pushing back the walls. On top of expanding the space, neutral colors create a calming atmosphere and impart instant sophistication.

Attract the Eye Upward

A room has both a horizontal and a vertical dimension. If the ceiling of your living room is high, maximize that vertical space by decorating the area in a way that draws the eye upward. One can achieve this goal by installing floor-to-ceiling drapes.

Alternatively, you could put up small to medium-sized artwork to fill that space. This approach makes the area feel bigger than usual as it encourages the eyes to wander beyond the eye-level horizontal space.

Go with Furniture with a Lightweight Appearance

When you’re in the market for furniture, take visual weight into account. This term refers to the perceived heaviness of an object based on design, size, and color. Choose pieces with a lightweight appearance since heavier-looking ones could constrict a space.

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By Sam Unruh

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