Love Your Living Room: Mid Century Modern Furniture Makeover

Aside from the bedroom, a living room is where families spend a majority of their time – reading books, watching TV or conversing with friends. But the question remains: is your living room a space where people enjoy spending their time? Ideally, a living room blends comfort and aesthetic beauty to create an environment that everyone can enjoy. Over the last few years, mid century modern furniture has solved the “comfort + aesthetic” equation and propelled a movement.

Unruh Furniture recognized a movement and took it to another level. Our mid century modern furniture isn’t for everyone, but those who are ready to build a house with this certain look and feel will not be disappointed.

Before we look at a few of our mid century marvels, let’s quell your curiosity. Why, exactly, has mid century modern furniture made such a strong comeback from the mid-20th century? (Think 1933-1965). In fashion and style, trends often come full circle (like the fanny pack, anyone?) but mid century furniture has certainly returned with more to say.

This specific type of furniture often features clean lines, geometric shapes and tapered legs to juxtapose a more “traditional” style of furniture. The fact mid century has grown in popularity alongside modern minimalist movements is no coincidence. In general, people are shedding their “stuff” in favor of a cleaner, more simplistic look in the home. Therefore, mid century furniture fits the bill as a beautiful alternative to furniture that, although functional, is a little more intrusive. Unruh offers a number of mid century options, and we’d love to discuss all of them and more at your first showroom appointment. In addition, a cultural movement surrounding “tweed” helps the cause. Unfortunately, we specialize in wood . . . not fabric. (But we’re happy to provide a recommendation).

Wesley Sideboard

Sitting atop four hairpin legs, the Wesley is a mid century marvel to serve multiple purposes in your living room space: media console, extra storage or bookshelf. To keep the mid century trend going, there is a perfect space for your record player (that you’ve perhaps been eyeing on the internet) in the middle of the piece. Your growing record collection will look great atop this custom sideboard for your living room.

Our customization process is how we lead with your dream in mind. Your showroom appointment is where we start, and a revitalized living room is the end. Together, we’ll reach that goal, and deliver you lifetime furniture in the process.

wesley sideboard

wesley sideboard

Durham Coffee Table

Don’t underestimate the power of a high-quality coffee table. It will serve as the centerpiece to your new-and-improved space. Family and friends will gather around this table for dessert and conversation over the years to come. Our Durham Coffee Table stands for durability, and will stand true from generation to generation. Kids will fight over who gets the Durham when you pass it down.

In the near-future, let’s focus on your living room and how the Durham will enhance its ability to host others and provide an aesthetic boost in the process. Wood & metal provides a slight industrial touch while remaining mid century minded. The Durham will meet you in the morning for coffee, and provide a respite to kick your feet up in the evening.

durham coffee table

durham coffee table

Hampton Bay Hutch

Our Hampton Bay Hutch takes mid century modern furniture to another level with its stunning visual display: storage space below and two glass cabinets above. The Hampton serves as a perfect coffee bar or display piece for hosting others in your home. The mid century feel is elegant but simple, and is charming enough for any southern-inspired design.

This is a statement piece to build a room around. A hutch provides functionality and grandeur for any space, but our carpenters will make sure your living room is considered with every cut. 

hampton bay hutch

hampton bay hutch

Handcrafted wood furniture is harder to come by these days. Our crew recognizes that, and wants to provide you with a new way to approach the furniture selection process. There are faces behind each piece, and you’ll meet them along the way. Once delivery day arrives, we’ll back our Unruh truck into the driveway and your home will never be the same. An inviting living room is the heartbeat to any home, and a mid century emphasis is one we encourage – for the good of style and comfort.

You could sift through your grandparents’ attic/basement for mid century furniture to match, or you could schedule an appointment and create your own today. We know your grandparents wouldn’t mind. And one day, your own grandkids will be very happy you did.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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