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Chentell's Story

Chentell discovered a connection with ceramics as a freshman in high school, but the true start of Convivial was during her senior year at Wheaton College.

Passionate about hospitality, customer service, beauty, and ceramic production, Chentell decided to create handmade dinnerware for event rentals. She produced her first set of 300 dishes in the basement ceramic studio of Wheaton College and debuted it at a Minneapolis wedding. After the wedding, the overwhelming response from attendees was not where can we rent your dishes, but rather where can we buy them

This is where the hustle accelerated from basement project to booming business. After relocating to Kansas City to be with her now husband, Stephen Shannon, Chentell quickly pivoted to produce items for sale. In 2014 Chentell named the company, moved her studio out of a home garage, hired her first staff member, and released the first line of Convivial wares. Piece by elegant piece, Chentell has built Convivial into the company that it is today.


We are so honored to display Chentell's Convivial pieces in our Kansas City showroom.  Her desire to perfect her craft and provide quality pieces fits so well with our ethos here at Unruh Furniture. We each approach the design process with our clients in mind, and we each want you to have aesthetically pleasing yet functional pieces. I have been a huge fan of hers for a while, and I knew that her artful home, table, and garden ware was exactly what our newly re-vamped showroom needed. Convivial's clean, intentional lines look absolutely stunning on the natural, textured surfaces of our tables and sideboards.

We would love for you to experience not only our 100 year old church and the Unruh process, but also Convivial's beautiful ceramic-made wares. Schedule an appointment and let us show you.

By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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