How To Take Care of your Custom Solid Wood Furniture

Buying furniture can be a big investment, that's why taking care of your furniture is important. At Unruh Furniture, we thrive to create quality furniture that will last a lifetime. For all of our furniture pieces we use a great durable finish to keep a lasting quality and make it easy to clean. We also make it easy for customers to find something perfect for their space as we are able to customizable based on wood species, color, and size. No matter what kind of furniture you are shopping for, Here at Unruh Furniture we are here to help you find the perfect piece for your home! We handcraft each piece of furniture and have endless customization options.

The quality of our furniture starts from the time we hand select each board to the moment we personally deliver the product to your Dallas home. We take great pride in creating furniture that is handcrafted and built to last. We inspect each furniture piece during every stage of production totaling in ten different approval processes. Once the item is fully assembled, vigorously sanded, and stained by hand we will start the finishing stage, where we use a high end water-based lacquer for protection. We will apply three separate coats of this durable finish to guarantee the longevity.

Wooden Modern Coffee Table

The Holloway Coffee Table is perfect for unifying a modern living room. The one pictured above was created out of Natural clear coated Walnut.


Cleaning our furniture is so simple and easy. Regular maintenance can ensure the longevity of the furniture. We ensure that our finish is durable to every day usage however having a regular cleaning routine can help with longevity. We make it easy to clean and recommend using soap and water or a non toxic all purpose surface cleaner. When cleaning with soap and water be sure not to use too much as soaking the furniture can cause damage. We try to avoid products with high solvent levels as these types of products can create a build up that will actually attract more dirt and dust.

traditional custom hutch

This is the Applegate Hutch built in Cherry wood stained Faded Ebony.


Dusting is one of those chores that takes only a few minutes but can really make a difference. It is so important to dust frequently as it can help prevent airborne particles from settling and creating a build up on the surface that can scratch the finish. Be sure to be gentle when dusting to avoid causing any type of surface scratches.

wooden mid century modern desk

This is our Mid Century Desk that was created out of natural clear coated Walnut with a Live Edge Top!


Heat and direct sunlight can also cause damage to your solid wood furniture. Since wood is a product of nature, it will expand and contract with the temperature. Heat can cause the wood to swell and shift if not kept in a climate controlled area. It is best to keep wood furniture in places where light and extreme temperatures can not affect the furniture. Also controlling the humidity levels can ensure the longevity of furniture - 40 - 45% humidity level is perfect!

wooden modern nightstand

Check out our Madison Nightstand pictured above, created in Walnut and stained Deep Mocha!


Our finish is a great quality and highly durable for your everyday messes. Due to the high end finish, you furniture will not get water marks or rings. However it doesn’t hurt to be cautious as wood can be damaged. Another great way to keep your dining table or any other furniture item at its prime is to use coasters and placemats for any hot, cold, or sharp objects.

wooden mid century modern desk

Check out these adorable place settings from Gold and Pine on the Breckenridge Dining Table.


Our mission is to create furniture that is built uniquely for you and will last a entire lifetime. To ensure it lasts a lifetime we offer an unheard of lifetime warranty - no matter what happens or who’s fault it is, we will take care of it! Even upon delivery we will ask the customer to inspect their piece to ensure that is just right. If any problem is found we will be happy to fix at our shop, at no additional cost and re-deliver. If anything happens to your piece and you are in need of a repair, you can give us a call and coordinate with us on a time to drop off piece or if you prefer we can pick up the item from your location at a discounted price and redeliver once it has been repaired. A repair will typically take 2 -3 weeks for the piece to be good as new!

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By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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