How to Furnish Your Dallas Living Room For Optimal Space and Comfort

What we now call a living room was once a home’s formal parlor where guests were received and entertained. If you’ve ever met someone who encased their sofa in plastic, or applied liberal amounts of Scotchgard to upholstery, you now know why. It was to keep the fabric clean and unstained so if high-ranking society members or other similarly lofty figures were drop in for a social call they’d find everything satisfactory.

These days, living rooms have changed. People generally expect to do some, well, living in them. In order to furnish your living room in Dallas, the furnishings must survive rambunctious kids bouncing along with their favorite programs, teenagers who are passionate about video games but less so about coffee tables, and the reactions of you and all your friends through another Cowboy’s season. It would also be nice if your living room furniture still looked stylish enough to host the queen if she were to drop by for tea. While Scotchgard may be key for upholstered furnishings, solid wood is what makes for lastingly beautiful coffee tables,bookcases,television stands.

A Metal Bookcase by Unruh complements a living room

The Farmhouse Coffee Table in Antique Cream is the focal point for this living room while the Brookside Bookcase provides convenient storage.

Solid Wood is the Most Durable Furniture for Living Rooms in Dallas

The modern living room is filled with electronics, people, pets, and a lot of daily hustle and bustle, which can sometimes distract from things like the proper use of coasters. If coffee tables or side tables are made from veneer over manufactured wood product, the result of inattention can be blisters or ridges in the surface that cannot be fixed. If a dog or a cat were to clamber up on the table their claws could also make deep scratches through the veneer, revealing the material below that cannot be fixed.

One of the advantages of solid wooden furniture however, is that it is solid all the way through. The material on the surface is the same as what is underneath. A scratch that goes through the finish of a solid wood table may reveal untreated wood underneath, but it won’t be quite as obvious as it would be on a table made of two very different materials. That means that not only is a solid wood table repairable, it maintains a sharp elegant look until it can be repaired. The dignity of wood furniture even when damaged allows for a great deal of flexibility in the sort of living that you do in your living room.

Unruh's Dufare Sideboard completes a Dallas living room

The Dearborn Coffee Table is a central space for activities like games or coloring while the Dufare Sideboardoffers plenty of hidden storage.

Planning to Furnish the Living Room in Your Dallas Home

The living room is a space where the whole family can come together and relax with their favorite hobbies. Your living room layout is best built around the activities that you and your family can enjoy together. Married couples may share the space while doing different activities; for example, one partner reads while the other binges on their favorite shows. Weekends may be for entertaining friends. Parents may be splitting their time between relaxing, supervising their kids as they play, or engaging in activities like board games with the whole family. In older homes with period-specific architecture, the rooms may be smaller and the living room may serve double duty as a space for both family fun and work.

Determining the way you will use your living room is the first step towards optimizing space. There are three very broad categories your living room use can fall under:

Entertainment: Watching television and movies is what many people think of when they think of their living room. The entertainment source is a focal point and often this is a television screen. Furnishing the living room means providing plenty of comfortable seats facing the screen and end tables and coffee tables to set snacks, beverages, and controllers on.

 Social: The living room can also be a social space for chatting with friends, hosting visiting relatives, or entertaining children. In this case, the focal point of the room will be more towards the center with seating along the outside facing in for face to face conversations. End tables provide a place for snacks and beverages, and a large central coffee table can provide an excellent central focus point for activities like board games, or coloring with the kids.

Mixed Use: The living room is often the largest space available in homes that are more compact. It may be the only room with enough space for a desktop computer, and the room is used for entertainment and telecommuting. In these cases it is best to treat the two different activities as separate focal points. The television and seating can go on one side of the room, and the desk or desks can go in the other half. A high console tablemay divide the space between the two areas, and improve privacy and focus.

Once you’ve determined how you will be using your living room and what the focus of the room will be, you can decide what key furniture pieces you will need.

Unruh's Farmhouse Coffee Table is perfect for a Texas living room

Placing seats facing each other across this Farmhouse coffee tablein Deep Mocha encourages conversation.

Furnish Your Dallas Living Room for Optimal Space and Comfort

Living rooms meant for movies and media may have a huge entertainment center that provides enough space for the television, connected devices, and media storage but takes up space and limits the room left for comfortable seats. Rooms laid out for socializing may have coffee tables that are a little too narrow for both the game board and its extra pieces. A game of Risk may become even longer as a result. Living rooms for mixed use may be the hardest to lay out as couches, entertainment centers, coffee tables, and desks all can take up a large amount of square footage, limiting your options for placement.

The best solution is to furnish your Dallas living room with custom wood furniture. For example, a gigantic entertainment center from a big box store—usually made of flimsy particleboard—that crowds the whole living room can be replaced by mid-century modern sideboard tailored with the dimensions that neatly fit your television and its attached devices. This will leave more of the floorplan open for comfortable, overstuffed seats. Living spaces that are oriented towards socializing may benefit from coffee tables that are longer and wider than the norm, providing plenty of space for you to work out your winning boardgame strategies without the distraction of trying to figure out where the dice, pieces, or rulebook have wandered off to.

Console tables can be used as room dividers, or placed against the back of a sofa to not only provide useful storage space but divide the room to better help you focus on work, or relaxing. When they are custom built they can be narrowed or lengthened to better fit the shape of the room while leaving you with plenty of walking space. Desks, cabinets, and other storage solutions that a home office needs can also have their dimensions tailored to make the most of your available space. Custom solid wood provides the best way to furnish your Dallas home for space, functionality, and comfortable everyday living. If you live in Dallas you can easily discover the difference for yourself with a trip to the Unruh Furniture Showroom in the Deep Ellum Arts District.

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