How to Choose the Best High End Furniture to Customize Your Dallas Home

A home is more than just a place to live. It’s your family’s vision of living well turned into reality.

In Dallas, our visions of the good life come in many forms. Some of us call a downtown high rise home, our evenings spent enjoying concerts and weekends out walking the farmer’s market or art districts. Maybe home is a four bedroom house in Plano, yard full of toys, and weekends filled with shuttling the kids between practices and recitals. Your vision of a perfect home can be either of these, or anything in between—but it’s still your creative vision that transforms the place you live into your family’s retreat.

One of the most important parts of your Dallas home’s vision? The furniture. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse kitchen table that seats the whole family comfortably, a bold statement piece for your master bedroom, or a classic writing desk for penning your memoirs, your vision calls for quality, high end furniture. Dallas homes should be customized with furnishings that bring families together and dreams to life. Don’t compromise your vision to fit mass-produced furniture. Let’s explore how to choose the best high end furniture to customize your Dallas home.

Where to Shop for the Best High End Furniture in Dallas

With the rise of online shopping, it may seem odd not to browse for bedroom and dining room furniture online, but going to a Dallas furniture showroom is the best way to start customizing your home with high end furniture. And there’s no shortage of places to find unique art, vases, or display pieces in our corner of Texas. In fact, the Dallas Design District is one of the largest arts districts in the country, and the neighborhood of Deep Ellum houses numerous art and entertainment venues, as well as furniture showrooms.

While Dallas also offers national retail furniture chains that sell high end furnishings, keep in mind that these pieces are still mass produced, manufactured en masse at a centralized factory. The top concern of the manufacturer is fitting these pieces into trucks for shipment and streamlining available options, limiting your ability to customize the size, finish, and hardware of your high end furniture.

A better option is to reach out to a local Dallas craftsman. Not only can they build stylishly refined tables, beds, and desks in the perfect dimensions to fit your home, but they can also answer your questions about wood species and stain finishes to help you decide what materials will best complete your vision for your home. It’s a level of service, quality, and accountability that can be hard to find even at the high end factory-built furniture stores.

Why High End Furniture Should Be Customized to Your Dallas Home

When furniture is built by a small team of craftsmen, they have a hand in each step of the process. This helps to create a level of quality and finish that is far beyond the usual.

When assembling a table or desk, a craftsman will carefully select each individual board for its straightness, texture, and grain. They will carefully lay these boards out so their unique qualities contribute to the integrity of the entire finished piece, alternating the grain with each board so that the character of the wood itself will help keep the tabletop flat and strong. It’s a level of care that isn’t really possible in a factory setting—but it’s this level of planning and attention to detail that creates truly high end furniture for your Dallas home.

If you go to a local craftsman in Dallas and request a custom built dining room table that’s nine-feet long, the odds are pretty good that he’ll quickly have his eye on the walnut boards needed for the job and has been hankering to do something with them for awhile. The same goes if you want a sleek maple desk to write your novel or work reports from. And he’ll refuse to work with anything but solid wood.

The Best High End Furniture Must Be Solid Wood

Handmade solid wood furniture offers the best quality and value for furnishing your Dallas home. Since it’s made of real wood, it can be refinished or repaired throughout the years if it gets scratched or damaged. Real wood furniture has long-lasting beauty that can easily make it through a child’s youth, and then be handed down to them when they’re settled into a home of their own. However, homeowners in this day and age may not know where to find local craftsmen to build such high-quality pieces for them.

Homeowners in Dallas looking for high end furniture have an advantage, though. They can make an appointment to walk into the Unruh Furniture Dallas Showroom and put their hands on craftsman pieces, feel how solid they are for themselves, and point at a table, bed, desk, or sideboard and say, “I want this piece, in this length, in this width, and in this color.” Twelve weeks later, a custom-built, heirloom quality piece will arrive at their home, including a lifetime warranty that covers repairs—no matter who caused the damage. Dallas homeowners can customize their homes with high end furniture in classic and modern styles, and it’s as simple as scheduling a consultation with the team at Unruh.

Unruh Furniture is dedicated to crafting the best high end furniture in Dallas. Our tables, desks, beds, and dressers are custom built to your specifications and in your choice of any one of six hardwood species and twelve finishes. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum.

Image 1: The Lakehouse Dresser by Unruh Furniture | Custom, high end furniture for lake houses, family homes, high rise apartments, and everything in between

Image 2: The Olivia Desk by Unruh Furniture, available in 12 finishes and nearly endless sizes

By Carly Haynam

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