How Much Does Custom Furniture Cost? You Might Be Surprised

Many people assume that custom furniture is out of their price range. They automatically think that mass produced pieces are the more economical choice. What they may not understand, however, is how much effort and craftsmanship goes into creating custom-made pieces of furniture.

Custom furniture prices are only a reflection of the product’s quality. The handcrafted products are created with high-grade materials, require a certain level of skill, and go through strict quality control to make sure the piece comes out right.

But, while custom pieces may be costlier than commercial furniture, it is not necessarily expensive for what you’re getting. You just need to understand what you are paying for, and to find the right source to provide you with high quality yet reasonably priced pieces.

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Custom Furniture Prices Take Multiple Factors into Consideration

Custom furniture builders do not just randomly name their price. They consider all the factors involved in producing high-standard products, beforehand. At Unruh Furniture, particularly, we base our custom furniture cost on the quality of the material and the amount of work that goes into making each customized piece.

Looking for Quality Materials

Furniture withstands years of wear and tear if you know how to take good care of it. Your furniture does not stand the test of time solely because of proper care and maintenance, though. It also needs a good foundation: high quality materials and great workmanship.

Clients choose the material for their pieces — wood, most commonly — in collaboration with the furniture makers. Whether a client needs a coffee table or a headboard, the builder will provide suitable options so that the customer can decide which one to go with.

Reliable custom furniture builders will make sure that they offer only high-quality materials and pieces of wood that can withstand wear and tear. High-quality material costs aren’t cheap; so, consequently, this affects overall furniture costs.

Using the Right Techniques

Mass produced pieces of furniture have a streamlined build process. In the end, some may require do-it-yourself assembly. This DIY-type of furniture comes with an instruction manual; it doesn’t take a professional to set it up.

On the other hand, custom pieces of furniture go through a more meticulous process because of the specific design or layout that the client asks for. With that said, furniture companies need a team of skilled builders to produce customized chairs, table, bookshelves, and other house or office fixtures. They invest in a team that uses efficient techniques and guarantees excellent outcomes.

Having a skilled team that uses the right techniques factors into custom furniture cost, as well. People with a certain level of experience and knowledge build better products. Their projects showcase better quality — as such, a reasonable price difference is expected – and justified.

Overseeing the Production Process

The use of high quality materials ensures clients that their customized chairs, tables, beds, and bookcases will remain in good condition for years to come. Furthermore, employing a skilled team with the right techniques for the job seals the deal. While these factors bear impact on the value of customized furniture, they aren’t the only determiners of how much custom furniture costs.

A custom furniture company that provides nothing less than the best products will also exert every effort so that the production process goes smoothly – from pre-production right up to delivery. This is to guarantee that they deliver quality products, on time. Ultimately, production timing is an important aspect of any project, and is likewise a hallmark of a trustworthy business.

Ensuring the Quality

Finally, quality control is an important aspect of furniture customization. Not only should the product look good; it should also function well. A reliable custom furniture company will invest in quality control to make sure that clients get exactly what they pay for — and maybe even more.

Quality control is not difficult, per se, but it is a meticulous working process that requires a sharp eye and careful testing. Customized furniture is especially commendable because the product is not something that is simply distributed to suppliers and stores – rather, each product undergoes a stringent quality control process. After all, the company should make sure that each project reflects their brand’s quality and matches the specifications of the client.

Having said all that, we should also reiterate that custom pieces of furniture are not automatically out of your price range. Custom chairs, tables, beds, shelves, bookcases, and similar fixtures use high quality materials; they go through a careful production process. And while the costing differs from mass produced furniture because of the attention to detail, it does not automatically mean that the product is expensive, beyond reason.

A company that is committed to their craft builds a series of customer pieces at fair prices that will not burn a hole through your pocket. Plus, keep in mind that custom pieces will last, for years to come, unlike mass-produced items which may need regular replacement. So, your initial expense may prove more cost-efficient, in the long-term.

Get Exactly What You Pay For

Given the multiple factors involved in building custom furniture, the average cost in the US to commission a piece of custom furniture is $2,600*. But that average price can be deceiving as costs range $200 to $12,000. The largest factors determining price are wood species, design, size, build quality and warranty.

Wood Species Rank In Cost

↳ Alder (Most Affordable)
↳ Cherry (More Affordable)
↳ Maple (More Affordable)
↳ Red Oak (More Affordable)
↳ Hickory (More Expensive)
↳ White Oak (More Expensive)
↳ Walnut (Most Expensive)

Obviously, the larger a piece is the more material and labor goes into its creation. More intricate designs and higher quality of craftsmanship affect labor cost. And if the company or craftsmen provide a warranty then you can expect the price to go up for that as well.

Custom Furniture Is Worth More than the Price

Owning custom furniture is not about one-upping the neighbors and showing off exactly what you can afford. It isn’t only about having well-made chairs, tables, and shelves in your office or at home, either.

It’s also about ensuring comfort without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, it’s about designing something and getting exactly what you envision. It’s about getting your custom designed and made furniture to fit perfectly in your home or office. Additionally, it’s about creating furnishing that will last well into the future; possibly even become an heirloom.

Thus, a customized bed or office table or any other type of fixture is worth more than its custom furniture price.

Knowing You Designed Something Great

Custom furniture companies understand that their clients feel a degree of self-satisfaction when they see their designs and concepts become a reality. As such, these companies take pride in making their customers’ dreams come to pass. As an owner of a customized piece, you may feel, in fact, that custom furniture costing is nothing compared to the knowledge that you designed something great and that your design has come to life.

Getting Exactly What You Want

A custom furniture company helps you get exactly what you want. The company’s team will go over your furniture design, make some modifications for it to fit your room seamlessly, and build it for you. Therefore, your question shouldn’t be “how much does custom furniture cost?” Rather, it should be “which custom furniture company can I rely on to build the fixture I need, best?”

In other words, price shouldn’t be your top concern when it comes to customer-designed pieces. Instead, it should be the quality of work that the builder puts into it — they should be able to turn your concept into something tangible, in a beautiful way.

Real Examples of Custom Furniture Prices:

Denton Bed
Customize Browse Beds
Colby Table
Customize Browse Tables
Brookside Coffee Table
Customize Browse Coffee Tables

Get Quality Products from a Reliable Team

Customized furniture generally costs more than mass produced pieces. It has a higher cost because of the unique design and the meticulous building process that goes into fulfilling client specifications. A good team will give you exactly that — high quality custom furniture at a reasonable price; one that is justified by all the factors discussed.

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While Custom Furniture has the potential to cost more than something from a box store, if your furniture is built with a high level of craftsmanship, and if the materials used are solid hardwoods, that piece can live inside your family for generations to come.Our in-house interior designers Carly Haynam and Kaitlin Kusch would love to meet with you at a Showroom Appointment in our Kansas City or Dallas location to go over what you’re thinking and give you a quote on your custom made piece of furniture.

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