Handcrafted Dining Room Sets: What Type Of Dining Table Does Your Dallas Home Need?

Growing up my family gathered around the dining table anytime there was a guest in our home. It was a place where meals were served, where homework was completed, and where family game nights happened. Dining room tables can be so essential to everyday living but not every dining room needs to look the same. So why not buy a dining table that is custom made to fit your needs and style?
Whether you are moving to a new home, remodeling, or just replacing your old dining table - the options are endless when creating furniture with Unruh. We want the furniture that we build to uniquely reflect the ones using it. Our furniture is handcrafted and guaranteed to last a lifetime, so why not get exactly what you want? At Unruh, everything is built to order, we have a range of styles and options for you to customize to make it uniquely yours.

Built To Last

All of the furniture we create is built entirely out of solid hardwood specifically; Knotty Alder, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, White Oak, and Black Walnut. When creating a dining table with Unruh Furniture the choice is yours, as you will pick the wood species, the color, and the size. You will choose the size down to the exact inch and decide between 49 different color variations. Visit our Dallas or Kansas City showroom to start designing your new dining table!

Unruh Furniture farmhouse dining table set

This is the Sawyer Table built out of Hickory and stained Deep Mocha.

Unruh Options

Top Options: The options really are endless. When creating a dining table with Unruh Furniture, you have the ability to choose the exact size from the length and width to even the top thickness. For table tops you have the option to choose from 1 ¼”, 1 ¾” Top, 1 ¾” Live Edge Top in Walnut Only, or 2 ¼” Butcher Block Top. The live edge look is one of our most popular table top option and is a great way to showcase the natural and organic beauty of the wood. Check out our Coleson Dining Table that was created out of Walnut with a natural live edge!

Four-Post Table or Trestle Style Table: If you are wanting a traditional rectangular size dining table you have two options to choose from: A four-post table or a trestle style table. A four-post table will have four legs, one at each corner, giving the perfect balance to all four sides. A trestle style table is were the legs are inset under the table and have an overhang. Typically the legs are in the shape of an “X” or “H”. Each table type has it own perks and benefits. Four- post tables typically can seat more people, this is due to the placement of the legs. On Trestle style tables seating can be more limited as the placement of the legs can affect the seating arrangement. If your interested in creating a Trestle Table - Check out our post 4 Tips for Choosing A Trestle or Pedestal Dining Table.

Square and Round Tables: Since each table is handcrafted and created based on your desired measurements. This allows us to offer unique sizes that typical box stores do not offer and each table is built according to your desired length, width, and height. We offer many styles in the traditional rectangular shape but also have square and round dining tables styles to choose from. Square tables have been an on trend hit lately and are perfect for a breakfast nook. Our square Fremont Table is great for family gathers and is sure to make a statement!

Metal Bases: Going for an industrial style or wanting a two-toned look? Having metal legs on a dining table is a great way to incorporate your style with your furniture. The metal we use is made out of a natural raw steel and welded in our Kansas City Shop. Each table base is made specifically at the size of your choosing and topped with a solid hardwood top specified at your desired thickness.

Bench Seating: Do you have a small space but a large family? Adding a bench to your dining table can be the perfect solution. A Bench can add extra seats to your table and are great for squeezing in extra dinner guests! In smaller spaces, a bench can also make a room feel larger as there aren't as many dining chairs and won’t feel as cluttered. We love when customers pair the Cornwell Dining Bench with the Kingston Dining Table!

dining table set with bench seating

This is the Kingston Dining Table paired with the Cornwell Bench, built out of Alder and stained Deep Mocha.

How to get started

Having a hard time deciding what table style would look best in your home? Let us come to you, we have professional and experienced designers on staff to walk you through our step by step design process. Schedule an in home consultation now!

By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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