Gather ‘Round the Family Farm Table. That Doubles as a Fort for Your Kids.

In our last blog post, we mentioned a fun little initiative: sending in YOUR best dip recipe for a football watch party. As a KC-based company, we’re cheering on our hometown Chiefs in the next couple weeks! Regardless of who is playing in the Super Bowl this year, we ask you to provide your best recipe. We promise to provide our best furniture – from buffet tables to bedroom sets to spacious dressers. Send your best recipe to and mention your recipe is for the Unruh blog. Because you can’t watch a big TV event without proper snackage.

Farm and Family

Today, we highlight two farm tables for your dining room or kitchen space in 2020. But first, travel back in time with us – a brief 200 years ago. If you and your family lived in 1820 America, there’s a good chance that “farming” would have comprised your day-to-day in some form or fashion. According to PBS, over 90% of the U.S. population lived on farmland in the 1800’s. That means every day was work for our ancestors as they toiled to feed a new country. But they had to feed themselves too! At the end of a long day, families would prepare supper and gather around the table. (Think about banging the pot . . . “SUPPER’S READY!”)

Our country, and its past generations, formed character around the farm table. It’s where kids grew up with dreams to start their own farms or businesses. It’s where parents sat down, as their kids slept, and dreamed of their own goals and aspirations – for them and their family. And it’s where families grew together around good food and community, with friends and families from around town joining in from time to time.

Reclaim Tradition

We still have some elements of the farm table in our family systems today. But Unruh is on a mission to reclaim its importance to society. Imagine a family dinner, around the dining room table, where technology wasn’t even a thought – much less a distraction. Our culture possesses technological advancements the 1800's obviously did not have. But one thing many of those families had was a “togetherness” that our present-day doesn’t really need. Back then, they relied on each other as a family and community for survival and prosperity. Today, our society is much more independent on a quest for the American Dream. And one of those ways that families relied on one another was for fun.

Today’s post title includes an American classic: the in-home fort. If you have kids or grandkids, this old-school form of fun has stood the test of time. There’s just something about throwing a few big blankets over some tables and couches to create a new little space. Try and take yourself back to childhood . . . did you ever create your own fort? Whose house played home to your forts? Today, you have the opportunity to create memories for the children in your life. And those memories start with a showroom appointment, and end with a new Unruh farm table in your home.

“Words can’t describe how much love I have for Unruh Furniture. This farm table will forever be cherished in our home and generations to come. The memories we will make having family dinners, doing home work, late night chats… Thank you Unruh. Your craftsmanship is stunning and I know your heart and souls are in this table. We are so forever blessed and thankful. Check them out KC. You’ll be glad you did!” -Amy Ashurst

Breckenridge Farmhouse Table

The Breckenridge Table is equal parts simple & magnificent. We knew, in keeping things traditional, we had to “nail it” with perfect dimensions, edges and hardwood. The Breckenridge is our final result, and we know it’ll look great in your home. Depending on the size of your room, we can customize to spec – get an idea of your table’s size with our online customization tool! Once you come in for a showroom visit, we can talk about the specific nuances in your home, and why this table will change the game for you and your family.

breckenridge table

breckenridge table

Englewood Farmhouse Table

Our Englewood Table is a little more fanciful, but it’s still a timeless option for your family in the years and generations to come. The regal turned legs and slab top makes this a definite statement piece fit for any home. In addition, you can fit a multitude of people with its spread out design. Because if there’s one thing crucial to a farmhouse table, it’s this: you need to fit the farm.

englewood table

englewood table

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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