Furnishing a House? Here’s What You Need From the Furniture Store

When moving into a new home, you may face the challenge of furnishing it. Furnishing a house is not as easy as simply going to the store once or twice. It can take a lot of planning and budgeting. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be fun furnishing a new home! When you know what to expect going into furnishing a home, you are much more likely to have fun and will be less overwhelmed. So, in this blog post, we are going to cover what you need from the furniture store and what to consider.

Things to Consider When Furnishing a Home

When it comes time to buy new furniture, we recommend planning ahead. Having a set plan can keep you feeling less stress when buying furniture, and it will ensure your home has fantastic furniture. Consider the following before going into your furniture buying process.

Your Budget

First and foremost, your budget is the most important thing to consider when furnishing a home. You don’t want to overspend on your furniture, so come up with a set budget before shopping. We recommend setting a budget for all furniture items and then subtracting from that total each time you make a purchase.  This can keep you and your family accountable when you are shopping.

Another consideration is how much you will spend on furniture in future years. Many people try to save money by buying inexpensive furniture when furnishing their homes. The truth is, this furniture will only last for a few years, at most. So, although you may be under budget by the end of furnishing your home, you will need to repurchase furniture in just a few years. This is why we always recommend buying high-quality furniture to prevent having to repurchase furniture later. Although the cost will be much higher upfront, doing this will save you thousands of dollars later on. Also, if a furniture store has a lifetime warranty, this can save you even more money if the furniture gets damaged or breaks.

The Size of Your Home

The size of your home will have an impact on what type of furniture you need. If your home has an open floor plan or is larger in size, you will need bigger furniture. This is so your home doesn’t feel empty despite having furniture. We have a blog post that covers what size your dining table should be depending on your space. Be sure to read that blog post before purchasing a table. When it comes to the rest of your home, we recommend using tape to plan out the size of your furniture to see if it will fill the space well or not.

Your Style

The style of your home will have a big impact on how you feel in the space. As a new homeowner or renter, you deserve to feel comfortable in your space and to be happy with your home’s style. So, we recommend planning out the style of your furniture before shopping. You can go on Pinterest and look at different styles or you can look through home decor magazines. Perhaps you prefer industrial furniture. Or, maybe you like farmhouse furniture. No matter what style you prefer, try to stick to it throughout your house so it can feel more put together and concise.

Another recommendation regarding style is to make sure the style is timeless. If you just bought a brand new home, chances are you plan to stay for many years to come. So, you don’t want to spend money on furniture that you will love for just a few short years. This can result in wasting money as you want to purchase more furniture later on. So, be sure you take trends and timelessness into consideration when buying furniture.


Furnishing a home

Recommended Items For Your Home Furniture

Now that you know what to consider when furnishing a home, we would like to recommend some of our favorite pieces. All of our furniture items come with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about repurchasing pieces later. And, we pride ourselves on our fair prices for high-quality furniture. So, you can feel confident in sticking to your budget, and you have several options for furniture styles. Here are some of our favorite pieces

The Benton Sideboard

Our Benton Sideboard has a universal style that will suit any space. It offers great storage solutions for your living room so you can organize your space and eliminate clutter. Not to mention, it’s the perfect spot to hold your T.V. and electronics in your living room or bedroom.

Benton Sideboard
Benton Sideboard
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Grayson Coffee Table

If you have a large enough living space, you should purchase a coffee table. An excellent coffee table can pull a room together and make it feel more comfortable. Our Grayson Coffee Table is a great solution for almost any style. It is made of solid wood and will maintain its sturdiness for decades. The price of this coffee table also cannot be beaten as its low price point, all while it is a completely custom and handmade table.

Grayson Coffee Table - Furnishing a Home
Grayson Coffee Table
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The Colby Table

Our Colby Table is the perfect solution for those who need a brand new dining room table. It has tapered legs for a sense of uniqueness in the dining room. To suit the size of your space, we allow customers to customize the dimensions of our dining tables. This way, it can feel custom to your dining room. Additionally, we allow you to choose your wood and stain so it suits your other furniture items.

Furnishing a Home
Colby Table
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Our Colby Table in the Schomberts’ dining room.

The Windsor Bed

When furnishing a home, you likely need a new bed frame for the master bedroom. A great bed frame pulls the master bedroom together seamlessly. Not to mention, it can bring your unique style to the bedroom. A popular bed frame of ours is the Windsor Bed with its solid wood headboard and solid foundation. But, if you want a more unique headboard that suits your style, our bedroom furniture line has many great options.

Windsor Bed
Windsor Bed
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See Our Custom Furniture!

If you are furnishing a home, our team at Unruh Furniture would love to help you. We have great options that are built to last a lifetime so you never have to repurchase furniture again. Our furniture is built to outlast kids, pets, and even family holiday celebrations. To look at our entire line, please visit our homepage and shop our options!

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Hailey is a proud Army wife with a passion for writing. When she is not writing, she is probably walking or playing with their rescue dog, Ranger, or cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys.


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