From Wooden Desk to Pub Table: Why Every Furniture Idea Starts in Our Showroom

We talk a lot about our showroom and its importance to the Unruh process. That may come as no surprise to you if you’ve followed us for some time. But we start each process with a personal visit for good reason. Actually, we have a few good reasons that we’re going to outline below. Whether you are looking for a new queen platform bed, pub table, bookcase or dresser, we know that no two pieces of furniture are alike. For our satisfied customers who completed the process, we can attest to years of listening well and implementing accordingly.

“I contacted Unruh to inquire if they would make us a custom table out of our own reclaimed barn wood. They not only agreed to the task but were extremely excited to work with our wood. From the moment we placed our order to the delivery of our wood, we heard from multiple people including Sam and Josh about how awesome this table was going to be. It did not disappoint. It is truly an heirloom we will pass down for generations. I love that this is a local group of true artists and is now a part of the story of this beautiful table in our dining room. Thanks, Unruh!” -Samantha Shepard



Stories like Samantha’s don’t happen everyday in the furniture making world. To receive an inquiry about reclaimed barn wood, that doesn’t belong to the producer, would turn a lot of stores away. However, at Unruh, nothing is off the (dining room) table. This is one of the biggest reasons we ask prospective customers to schedule a showroom appointment with us to kick off their Unruh experience. You likely have an idea of what you want in a piece from other homes or magazines. Our showroom visits are exciting because we can take that dream and discuss how to make it a reality.

And if you can’t wait to customize your own piece, we have an online customization tool you can use right now! If you know the dimensions of the space your furniture will fill, adjust the slider tools accordingly. We worked hard on this technology so that you can visualize new furniture from the comfort of home. Feel free to peruse our wood and finishing options. With six different types of wood and 49 different finish options, we guarantee a unique piece for your home. Nothing we do is delivered to you in a box.

“After MONTHS of looking for the perfect tables at every store in the entire Metro, I was at a loss. I just couldn’t find the quality I wanted with the look I wanted. I found Unruh’s website and went to the showroom to inspect the quality. The quality was exactly what I was looking for, plus I could pick my own colors and customize it. I received my dining room and kitchen table (I initially went to buy one but couldn’t resist the other) 2 weeks ago. They are simply STUNNING and the craftsmanship is beautiful. I cannot begin to explain how much I love my tables. And a huge THANK YOU to Sam and his staff for making the process so easy. Thank you, Sam!!! You will always be my first stop for any custom furniture I need.” -Jen Gilstrap



Hand-crafted, custom wood furniture is obviously how we’re in business. But that none of that matters if we’re just manufacturing poor-quality work. In fact, we only hire expert carpenters to handle daily customer tasks. Our team is focuses on detail and treats every piece with care. Why should you settle for anything less?

We are extremely grateful for Jen’s testimonial, as she describes our process and what we hope thousands more receive in the future: satisfaction. Clearly, she had a dream for “the perfect table” and wanted someone to walk alongside her in the process. Not only would Unruh meet her where she was at, but we got to utilize our expertise to guide her along the way. Unruh expertise starts in the showroom to verbally craft your piece, then is communicated to our carpenters who make those words come to life.

“After having my Unruh Furniture for about two years, I began having issues with the hardware not holding up. True to their word, Unruh repaired my furniture at no cost. Sam and everyone from his crew have been great.” -Anthony St. Clair



The third and final “why” behind our showroom visit is rooted in relationship. Once we deliver your furniture, we will have gotten to know you personally and on a working level. The goal is to create furniture for your home, and a byproduct is you knowing “someone in the furniture business.” And finally, we decided to cement our customer relationships with a Lifetime Warranty so that if something happens like it did to Anthony, we won’t ignore your phone call. We’ll commit to making your piece good as new. Leading with our warranty means more than just fixing furniture, it means a lasting relationship with “trust” at the center. Trust that starts in our showroom, and extends to your home.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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